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NLX Releases Video For New Single “Burn”


Dark Pop singer/songwriter NLX, known as Natasha to her fans and friends, is in possession of a voice that demands to be heard. She’s been called “Trent Reznor with tits” and is a kindred spirit of Beck, Sia, Regina Spector, and Florence + the Machine’s Florence Welch.  NLX is gearing up for the November 13 release of her new album Luxury of Failure via BGF MUSIC.

BGF Stands for “Bitch Get Fit…” — an unapologetic ode to women everywhere to embrace their strength, power, authenticity, confidence and wisdom… be unapologetic when it comes from your heart. With Luxury of Failure, she stays true to the niche she carved out with her 2010 release Bitch Get Fit. “It is fists-in-the-air, tears-on-the-floor, don’t-look-back-but-close-the-door kind of music,” said NLX.

Currently based in NYC, but raised in the icy shadows of Canada’s steel city smokestacks, NLX stays true to her proud legacy of BS-free, Northern songwriting women, but with a little bit of New York swagger. The songs are the collected tinder of the heart. Epic. Strong. Tactile. Beautiful.

Luxury of Failure Track Listing:

1. Lullaby
2. Put It To Bed
3. Burn*
4. Silence
5. Haymaker
6. Flatlight
7. Little Victories
8. Save My Life
9. Over Now
10. Home Safe Soon

NLX has appeared in Vanity Fair as part of their Music In Pen feature at SXSW 2010.

Her song “Find Love” was featured in ABC’s hit series Brothers & Sisters and in the Cannes Film Festival world premiere of the feature film Off World.

NLX Discography:

In Your Face (2006)
Behind Your Back (2006)
Bitch Get Fit (2010)
Luxury of Failure (2015)