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Blu-ray Review: Flashback To The Golden Age of Indie Film With ‘Sleep With Me’

'Sleep With Me'
‘Sleep With Me’

This week, Jeremy Morrison, takes us back to the golden days if indie filmmaking with a look at one of Olive Films most exciting new releases, “Sleep With Me.” First, a quick synopsis:

Friendships are put to the test when best man Frank (Craig Sheffer, A River Runs Through It) announces to the bride and groom-to-be, Joseph (Eric Stoltz, Mask) and Sarah (Meg Tilly, The Big Chill) that he’s in love with Sarah. Despite protestations to the contrary, newlywed Sarah finds herself drawn to Frank in the romantic drama Sleep With Me.

Sleep With Me, directed by Rory Kelly (Some Girl) from a screenplay co-written by Kelly, Duane Dell’Amico, Roger Hedden, Neal Jimenez, Joe Keenan and Michael Steinberg, features Parker Posey (Irrational Man), Joey Lauren Adams (Bio-Dome), June Lockhart (TV’s Lost in Space) and Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs) in supporting performances and is photographed by Andrzej Sekula (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction).

Cast: Parker Posey, Meg Tilly, Joey Lauren Adams, Eric Stoltz, Craig Sheffer

J-Mo Says:

SLEEP WITH ME is a perfect example of what indie film was in the early to mid nineties. Eric Stoltz, Craig Sheffer, and Meg Tilly lead the who’s who cast of indie stars and young up and comers. The title caught my curiosity when I read that the film featured six screenwriters, all tackling their own scene. The release is barebones, and though it looks great, I would have loved to know more about the film. Finding info online proved near impossible. Honestly I loved the movie so much I just want to know more about the genesis of the project.

Meg Tilly shines in SLEEP WITH ME as we watch her relationship with Eric Stoltz fly through turbulent air on their way to a conclusion that feels more realistic than other efforts that tackle the same type of love triangle. The surrounding cast bring their best in this picture. Parker Posey and Joey Lauren Adams stand out, but the real joy for me was watching Dean (Chainsaw from Summer School) Cameron as ‘Joey’ as he popped in and out of scenes with cynical wit. Fans will also enjoy a brief appearance by Quentin Tarantino in the third act.

My only gripe is with the lack of supplemental material, but only because I was left craving more after the film ended. I highly recommend this Olive Films release for hardcore film fans and the casual viewer alike. — Jeremy Morrison, Film Geek

Check out this film and a plethora of other amazing releases from Olive Films via their official website — www.olivefilms.com.

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