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Blu-ray Review: Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning Shine In 2003’s ‘Uptown Girls’

'Uptown Girls' from Olive Films
‘Uptown Girls’ from Olive Films

This week, Jeremy Morrison takes a look back at another often overlooked comedy classic from the early 2000s with a look at one of Olive Films most exciting new releases, “Uptown Girls,” starring Brittany Murphy,  Dakota Fanning,  Heather LocklearJesse Spencer and Austin Pendleton.

First, a quick synopsis: Molly Gunn (Brittany Murphy, Clueless) is a poor little rich girl forced to do the unimaginable, work for a living after her accountant absconds with her inheritance. Becoming the nanny for the precocious and wise beyond her years eight-year-old Ray Schleine (Dakota Fanning, Man on Fire) starts off bad and gets worse. But Molly, seeing herself in Ray, seeks to bond with her young charge not as her employee, but as her friend in the dramatic comedy Uptown Girls.

Directed by Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans) and written by Julia Dahl, Mo Ogrodnik and Lisa Davidowitz from a story by Allison Jacobs, Uptown Girls co-stars Heather Locklear (TV’s Melrose Place) as Roma, Ray’s distant mother, and Jesse Spencer (TV’s Chicago Fire) as Molly’s boyfriend Neal; along with Donald Faison (Clueless) and Austin Pendleton (A Beautiful Mind).

REVIEW: I’m very excited that Uptown Girls has made its way to bluray via the fine folks at Olive Films. As a big Brittany Murphy fan, the true star if this piece is young Dakota Fanning. Fanning’s portrayal of Ray is full of charisma and charm well beyond the young actresses years. A true talent from the beginning of her career, Uptown Girls is her 6th film, but make no mistake about it, this is her and Brittany Murphy’s movie. The young starlets really shines and proves that she can carry a picture amongst the best of them.

The bluray is full of bonus content, a nice bonus. The features include a behind the scenes featurette that is a carry over from a previous DVD release and an interesting look at Costume Designer Sarah Edwards that allows us a glimpse into what inspired the style of the film. Also on the disc, a trailer and music video for the song “Time” by Chantal Kreviazuk. If that’s not enough for you, Uptown Girls features enough Deleted Scenes that would make a Troma release from 1999 look barebones. The picture and sound quality are top-notch to boot.

J-Mo says: Brittany Murphy left us too soon, but with releases like this, her fans will have many years to celebrate her diverse filmography.

Check out this film and a plethora of other amazing releases from Olive Films via their official website — www.olivefilms.com.

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