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Trolls Show Their True Colors After Zack Snyder Suffers Tragic Loss

I tried to sit this one out, folks. I really tried. However I find myself gazing at my screen in disbelief less than 24 hours after Warner Bros. and Zack and Deborah Snyder released a joint statement regarding “Justice League” and its completion. Due to an unfortunate family tragedy, Zack Snyder, and wife Deborah, are stepping away from the film to focus on their family.

You see it is a damn shame that Snyder and Warner Bros. had to even make statement. But a week removed from the internet trolls and click bait mills running around the clock, I guess it makes sense. Due to those gossip rags running shit fake news, a man, his wife, and their children found themselves thrust into the public eye after a tragic event when what they truly need is to be left alone with each other to process the tragedy that fell upon their world. Marvel Cinematic Universe fan favorite and frequent “what the hell did he tweet that for” Joss Whedon is stepping up to finish the film in Snyder’s absence. Though most fans are concerned about the status of Zack and his family, a select few have taken it upon themselves to lash out at the director with such a sickness that has left me feeling overwhelming disgust.

There are three types of idiots trolling the comment section of your favorite comic book site at the moment:

1. The “I’m not a fan…I don’t like his films…I may have criticized his films, BUT” troll.

2. The “he can’t even direct his family right” troll.

3. And lastly The “sorry for your loss, but JOSS IS GOING TO SAVE THE DCEU AND EVERYTHING IS GREAT NOW” troll.

Let’s tackle number three first. Folks, that’s not how filmmaking works. I don’t have a fake inside source, but I’m guessing the film is at around 90% completed. Joss Whedon is simply stepping in to oversee Zack’s vision locked up. You see Joss isn’t magically reshooting the entire film from a script he has rewritten. He’s taking Zack’s approved script and footage shot, and he’s watching as Zack’s approved VFX team finish up Zack’s approved digital effects. He’s working with Zack’s approved composer to finish up Zack’s approved score. He’ll take Zack’s notes and do Zack’s scheduled reshoots. He’s sitting with Zack’s approved editor and locking up a final cut…probably to be approved by Zack which will then be recut by the studio. You know, like BvS. Joss Whedon will have his day with ‘Batgirl,’ but ‘Justice League’ is still Zack’s. In fact with most of the work done, I wouldn’t be surprised he doesn’t get credit as a director. Because the DGA has rules, folks.

Next up let’s take a moment to ask those qualifying trolls. Why? Just why? If you want to express sorrow for the man’s loss, do it. There is no need to say “hey man, I think your work is trash, but let me tell you what you’re going through sucks even worse than my already formed opinion of every film you’re ever going to make.” I understand you probably think you need to throw that in their for your edgy readers to not take you to task, but hey, why not just try being a human first. When Joss Whedon tweets something ridiculous, I don’t cry about ‘The Avengers.’ I separate the art from the artist. We don’t agree on stuff outside of film, doesn’t mean I can’t still watch ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and love what the man created. Try it with Snyder. So what if you didn’t like ‘Man of Steel,’ you’re allowed to send your condolences.

Lastly, for the trolls cheering on death, I can’t even be mean to you. You’re just sad. You’ll probably troll this post because empathy is beyond your comprehension. I just hope one day you find happiness. If you’re so riled up with mock outrage over your childhood being ruined because Snyder made some movies, maybe stay home from the cineplex next time and take up pottery. I hear it soothes the soul.

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