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Pick of The Week: Like Moths to Flames Unleash ‘Dark Divine’

Hey guys! It’s Dylan back with another “Pick of the Week”. As you can probably tell, we here at Icon Vs. Icon are huge fans of Halloween. I know I am, so much so that I kind of lose track of everything else that is happening at the time. I surround myself with so much Horror and Halloween themed things, I basically lose track of the world around me. Well, with spooky season over I wanted to get back on track with the things I’ve missed. My “Pick of the Week” for this week is a perfect example; Like Moths to Flames“Dark Divine.”

Like Moths to Flames is a band that I’ve loved since their first full length in 2011. Going strong for almost a decade, LMTF has released 4 full length albums and an EP. They can definitely be considered one of the front runners for the metalcore resurgence. What always drove me to this band is the smooth transition in vocal styles. This, of course, leads me to the band’s latest release.

The “Dark Divine” is definitely a move in the right direction by the band. It’s a more mature sound. The instrumentation is tighter and the vocals are completely refined. Many are considering this a softer album, however, I feel this is untrue. There is a lot of pain and anger throughout the record, and it hits even harder due to vocalist, Chris Roetter, reserving his screams for those moments that need it. The metalcore genre is completely over saturated by bands that scream and break down for the hell of it. LMTF reserves these moments for when they will hit the hardest. This is most notable in one of the band’s slower tracks, “Empty the Same”; a track that builds until you just can’t take it anymore. At that moment, the band lays it all on the line.

If you’ve been a fan of LMTF then you will not be disappointed by this release. While the band is refining their sound, their signature is still there for the diehards. As for newcomers, this is the perfect starting point.

“Dark Divine” track listing:
01. New Plagues
02. Nowhere Left To Sink
03. Shallow Truths For Shallow Minds
04. Dark Divine
05. Empty The Same
06. From The Dust Returned
07. Even God Has A Hell
08. Mischief Managed
09. Instinctive Intuition
10. The Skeletons I Keep
11. False Idol

Chris Roetter – Vocals
Jeremy Smith – Guitar
Zach Pishney – Guitar
Aaron Evans – Bass
Greg Diamond – Drums

“Dark Divine” hit stores on November 3rd, 2017.