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Corey Feldman Details Plans For ‘TRUTH Campaign Pt 2: The Sequel’

Pop culture icon and activist Corey Feldman’s has revealed his plans for the ‘TRUTH Campaign Pt 2: The Sequel.’ In a newly revealed campaign speech, Feldman details his plans for the continuation of his TRUTH campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign aims to raise the funds to bring his NY Times Best-selling autobiography, “Coreyography,” into the silver screen.

The previous phase of the campaign, which raised $273K, will be used to begin the 1st phase of getting the film made. The 1st phase includes hiring a writer, and completing a shooting draft of a script. It will also include the hiring of a Line Producer and a Production Manager who will put together the Production Schedules, outlines, and budgets for the final film. We are now raising funds to begin phase 2 once we have a finished script and outlined production schedule and budget. All of which will be completed with donations from phase 1.

To become part of this historical and monumental event that has its sights set on changing the face of Hollywood as we know it, you can donate right at this location:

Recently, it was announced jointly with CHILD USA that he will serve as National Ambassador for CHILD USA, one of the nation’s leading non-profits dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse and neglect. Feldman will work with CHILD USA to raise awareness nationwide regarding current state statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse crimes that protect predators and prevent justice, and will support the organization’s efforts in New York to pass the Child Victims Act. As part of the effort, Feldman has donated to CHILD USA to support its work to end the statutes of limitations for child sex abuse nationwide. Visit for more information.