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‘Mr. Rogers: A War Hero’ — Adi Shankar Unleashes A New Chapter In His Bootleg Universe!

Director Adi Shankar has returned with an exciting (and rather surprising) entry into his “Bootleg Universe.” While his previous groundbreaking shorts ‘The Punisher: Dirty Laundry, ‘Venom: Truth in Journalism’ and ‘Power/Rangers’ have tackled more obvious comic book properties, this time around he puts a truly unique spin on legendary TV icon Mister Rogers with ‘Mister Rogers: A War Hero.’

The live-action short provides a fictional backstory for Fred Rogers, in which he was a Vietnam War hero, before returning home to states to start his world-famous show, ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.’ Written, directed and edited by Kenlon Clark the short stars Chris Cusano as Mister Rogers and also features the talents of Will Rubio and Ed Nduka.

“When I was young my heroes had magazords, adamantium claws, and vampire slaying whips. They were spectacular and unlocked my imagination. But after the events of the past few years my heroes have changed, and now anyone who selflessly enriches a child’s life is a hero to me. This entry is a love letter to a man who showed us what being a good neighbor looks like.” – Adi Shankar

‘Mr. Rogers: A War Hero’ dropped on March 20, 2018, which would’ve been Fred Rogers’ 90th birthday.