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Former Danzig Guitarist John Christ — “I’m Ready To Play With Danzig Again”

As many music fans know, John Christ (aka John Knoll) was the driving force behind the first 4 studio records from Danzig. Influencing three generations of rock fans, John’s guitar playing infused blues, hard rock, and at times classical with an emphasis on pinch harmonics. In 1995, John officially quit Danzig and slowly faded away from the hard rock world. In 2004, John was involved in a horrific accident which left him unable to play guitar for several years. John would return to the stage in 2009 where he performed live in Essex, Maryland for the first time in nearly a decade.

In the years to follow, this unstoppable artist has slowly reinvolved himself with music by offering private guitar lessons, performing occasionally, and making his presence felt in the Maryland area. It was there that he connected with Bob Suehs of Rock n Roll Experience for an interview. In the interview, he opens up about his feelings on why he left Danzig, offers his thoughts on the The Misfits reunion and, most importantly, reveals that he is ready to perform with Glenn Danzig again!  Check out the interview and some killer live video of his performance at this location – Click Here!