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Director Troy Duffy Reveals Further Details On ‘Boondock Saints: Origins’ Television Series

It’s a great time to be a Boondock Saints fan! Director Troy Duffy, the creator and driving force behind the franchise, has revealed even more details on the highly-anticipated ‘Boondock Saints: Origins’ television series.

The latest update comes via the official ‘Boondock Saints’ Instagram account. Check it out below: 

“BOONDOCK SAINTS: ORIGINS. The brothers arrive on our shores at this very moment in our history, when our civil liberties are being tread upon and the American Dream itself is crumbling before our eyes. We walk by things everyday that should outrage us, things that we have sadly accepted as our new reality. The series will allow us to look at these issues with fresh perspective, to look at them through the eyes of the Brothers. To them, such things cannot be accepted because this place is supposed to be different, supposed to be better. America is special. More to come… #boondocksaints #prequel#BoondockOrigins”

Earlier this week, Duffy offered fans their first glimpse into the new series, also via an Instagram post:

“BOONDOCK SAINTS: ORIGINS The TV series will be a rebooted origin story starting in present day. Rather than a retelling of the movies in TV form, the show will be a reimagining of the tale that will allow deeper exploration of the characters and elements of Boondock. Our story centers around Connor and Murphy MacManus, two fraternal twin brothers In their mid twenties who are living as illegal immigrants in Boston. Originally from Ireland, their idealized concept of life in America is confronted as they witness injustice and unfairness in the U.S. As the boys deepen their ties to their new community, they begin to protect it and we watch them rise into shadowy vigilantes that the press eventually dubs, “The Saints.” More to come… t.duff #boondocksaints #bdsOrigins

More on this as it develops! In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled on the Official Boondock Saints pages on Facebook and Instagram.