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Rock Mogul Gene Simmons Launches MoneyBag Premium Soda Line

Gene Simmons
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and co-founder of KISS, Gene Simmons

Living the American dream, Gene Simmons, serial entrepreneur, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and co-founder of KISS, America’s Number One Gold Record Award-Winning Group of all time (RIAA), announced today that he has launched a premium soda line called MoneyBag™ Sodas this month in cooperation with Niagara Falls, New York-based Rock Steady Sodas Inc. (a subsidiary of Johnnie Ryan Bottling Company).

According to Paul Janik, Jr., President of Rock Steady Sodas, the new line of premium sodas are made with all-natural flavors, colors and sweeteners and are packaged in eco-friendly glass bottles adorned with beautifully detailed painted labels.

“Paul and John have an impeccable work ethic, as well as a prowess in the premium soft drink marketplace,” said Simmons. “The incredible flavor profiles they created and collectible packaging will be a crowd pleaser. I am very proud of MoneyBag Sodas and excited about my foray into the soda business.”

The MoneyBag Sodas line initially includes a cola, diet cola, root beer and ginger ale.  Additional flavors are in the works, along with a line of premium fountain sodas.

Among the retail outlets that are carrying or plan to carry MoneyBag Sodas are 7-Eleven stores, Wegmans, Tops Friendly Markets, and Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop kicking off in the North East and Los Angeles markets and expanding nationwide. 7-Eleven Stores will also exclusively carry a MoneyBag Sodas Cream Soda flavor.

Gene Simmons' MoneyBag Soda

The collaboration between Simmons and Rock Steady Soda Partners Paul Janik, Jr, John Janik and Chris Haick, began with a chance meeting at Cleveland’s “Wizard World” convention. The long time super KISS fans were in attendance with the hope of meeting their rock Idol Gene Simmons, who was a featured guest at the convention. Armed with their vintage posters ready for Simmons’ autograph, John and Paul struck up a soda-centric conversation with the music legend. Simmons asked for their card and they thought that was that. About a week later, Paul received a call from Simmons, who said he owned the trademark for the MoneyBag image and would be interested in having Rock Steady Sodas create a MoneyBag premium soda line.

“We never dreamed it would be possible to work with someone we have idolized for decades. Gene is the ultimate entrepreneur and a very engaged business partner,” said Paul Janik. “We are honored to have had the opportunity to develop such a rock star-worthy product for soda lovers to enjoy and fans to collect.”

MoneyBag Sodas is positioned in the specialty soda category. Others in their competitive set have had difficulty converting sales due to taste and lack of mass appeal. Rock Steady believes MoneyBag Sodas’ quality, all-natural ingredients give them a smooth and pleasant taste with no harsh finish, sets them apart from others in their competitive set.

Packaged in authentic glass soda bottles with beautifully detailed painted labels, MoneyBag Sodas are bundled in vintage-style 4-packs with custom crowns, setting the product apart from similar items in the category.

MoneyBag Sodas are manufactured in Niagara Falls, New York by Rock Steady Sodas, Inc. a subsidiary of Johnnie Ryan Bottling Company, at a single location. The sodas have been dubbed the champagne of sodas.

About Rock Steady Sodas
Rock Steady Sodas, a subsidiary of Johnnie Ryan Bottling Company, was founded 1935,
 in Niagara Falls, New York. Their soft drinks are made of the finest extracts and flavorings available, and sweetened with 100% pure cane sugar. Products are packaged in a classic glass bottle to preserve freshness, great taste and carbonation. No expense is spared in the manufacturing of their products.

For information about MoneyBag Sodas, visit For more information about Gene Simmons visit, Twitter: @genesimmons, Instagram: @genesimmons, Facebook: @officialgenesimmons