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Pick Of The Week: Johnny Messner Delivers A Powerhouse Performance In ‘Silencer’


One of the highlights of cinema in 2018 has been the return of the action thriller. A recent standout is the latest offering from director Timothy Woodward, Jr. (Weaponized, Traded, Hickok). “Silencer,” starring the criminally underrated Johnny Messner, is a beautifully constructed tale of one man’s quest for revenge and redemption. The story centers around a seasoned retired mercenary-turned-hitman, Frank (Messner), who is searching for emotional balance after retirement. After an attempt to drag the grizzled vet back into the murder-for-hire game goes awry, things turn personal with the abduction of his beloved stepdaughter. As the stakes rise high and war spills over the border, Frank discovers he must confront his dark past as “The Silencer” in order to preserve the future of his family.

“Silencer” puts the often underutilized talents of genre legend Danny Trejo (“Machete”) to good use in one of his meatiest roles, while Former MMA Rivals Tito Ortiz (Former UFC Champion, “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween”) and Chuck Liddell (Former UFC Champion & Hall of Famer, “War Pigs”) bring the muscle in supporting roles. While there is plenty of action and bloodshed in the flick, the filmmaker isn’t afraid to delve a little deeper to the emotional side. Through the great performances from it’s leads, “The Silencer” serves up a heaping helping of character depth and heart, which allows it to rise above the typical shoot’em up revenge romp.

The Verdict: Silencer” is a gritty, raw and unrelenting ride through darkness and Johnny Messner delivers a powerhouse performance. The film is truly a ride worth taking.

Where to find it: “Silencer” will be available Digitally & On Demand September 4th. A Blu-Ray/DVD Combo will hit stores on September 18th.