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Violet Days Releases Teaser For Upcoming “Made In My Head” EP

Swedish synth-pop artist Violet Days has just released a teaser for their much anticipated EP, Made In My Head, which arrives at the end of the month. Their recent single, “Leave But Don’t Go”, released via Ladygunn, appears on the EP. Check out the teaser below!

A collaborative project a few years in the making, Violet Days is the creative vision of lauded singer-songwriter/artist Lina Hansson and celebrated songwriter/producer Kris Eriksson. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Hansson and Eriksson have together made an indelible mark in the pop and electronic music worlds, having helped shape some of the biggest modern pop tracks of the last five years. Today, Lina steps from behind the scenes and into the spotlight as Violet Days with the release of their debut EP Made in My Head, which is produced in its entirety by Kris Eriksson and will be released in the fall of 2018.

For Made in My Head, Violet Days weave together a dreamy soundscape found at the sonic intersection of electronic music production and pop. The lead single “Somber” perfectly encapsulates it all: The track is equal parts passion ballad and futuristic narrative as Lina lays her heart bare over a web of airy, rich synths while guest vocalist morgxn delivers powerful accompaniment. “Somber” contextualizes the shared search for love between everyday people, and the fear and baggage that comes with it, a running theme present across Made in My Head. As a case in point: “Just A Little” is an edgy gem that’s rough around the edges yet sensitive at its core. It oozes attitude as Lina gorgeously demands, “I want it to hurt just a little/Hurt just being with you.” “Just A Little” was released as Violet Days’ second single from the EP in May 2018, and was added to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist in a number of territories, including the US for two separate weeks. The track has also since made its way into heavy rotation at Sweden’s P3 radio, leading to Violet Days being named the station’s “Artist of the Month” in July 2018. Additionally, the song was named one of Billboard’s “20 Great Pop Songs From 2018’s First Half You Might Have Missed.”

Elsewhere on the EP, “Leave But Don’t Go,” the third single, is a pretty, yet catchy ode to “that special someone who is always there for you, who ensures you that everything will be alright,” says Lina. “I Think” is a commanding breakup anthem that simultaneously screams emotional independence and crippling heartbreak, while “Cocaine Kisses,” which rounds out the EP, is lustful and slow-burning.

All combined, Made in My Head is a robust rainbow of sounds that guides today’s alternative pop movement into fresh artistic territory. It is the culmination of years of collaboration and experimentation shared between Lina and Kris. The two originally met five years ago in Sweden via mutual friends and fellow songwriters. They soon started playing and writing together. Today, that long-standing creative bond has evolved into Violet Days, the embodiment of their creative symbiosis: Lina, the conceptual lyricist, visionary songwriter, and bold singer, in harmony with Kris’ talents as a perfectionist producer with an ear for memorable melodies and hooks.

“At first, we really connected over our similar tastes in music; we both love the same things,” says Lina of her working relationship with Kris. “We always react to the same details in songs. We have a good understanding of each other, and that really helps when creating our own music,” adds Kris.

Their versatile songwriting and production approach, which they lovingly dub “alternative pop stories from Sweden,” is defined by Kris’ lush, layered compositions and Lina’s heartfelt lyrics and moving vocals. It’s their winning combination, paired with an inimitable style, which has seen them carve out a recognized sound and a venerable reputation of their own within the songwriting world. And they’ve got the chops and accolades to prove it: Already, their early releases have racked up millions of plays on Spotify, with their first single, “Your Girl,” counting over 13 million streams on that platform alone. Their official songwriting and production credits include collaborations with top artists including Phoebe Ryan, Cash Cash, Shaun Frank and The Chainsmokers, whose hit song “Paris” Kris co-wrote. Elsewhere, Lina was nominated for Rookie Songwriter/Producer of the Year at the 2015 Denniz Pop Awards in her native Scandinavia.

This past spring, Violet Days made their official worldwide debut at SXSW, where they brought the songs of Made in My Head to life for the first time. Violet Days make their most ambitious leap to date, moving to the center of the stage and in front of the world, with Made in My Head in hand and heart.

“It’s very important for me to get my story across in the right way,” says Lina. “I need to mean it to really believe it, as that is what I look for in other artists. My mission is to be as honest as I can, as I hope that that will make it easier for listeners to relate to and to find comfort, believe in our music.”