Memory: The Origins of Alien
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‘Memory: The Origins of Alien’ Documentary Poster Blueprints The Legendary Xenomorph

A brand-new theatrical poster for Memory: The Origins of Alien has debuted. The highly-anticipated documentary unearths the largely untold origin story behind Ridley Scott’s cinematic masterpiece, and reveals a treasure trove of never-before-seen materials from the archives of Alien creators Dan O’Bannon and H.R. Giger – including original story notes, rejected designs and storyboards, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, and O’Bannon’s original 29 page script from 1971, titled Memory. The documentary also takes fans on an exploration of the mythical underpinnings of Alien and dedicates focus on the film’s iconic “Chestburster” scene.

Memory: The Origins of Alien

Interesting to note, the final movie poster for Memory: The Origins of Alien won out after two rounds of voting by thousands of members of Legion M, the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company. Legion M, along with its distribution partner Screen Media, acquired Memory: The Origins of Alien out of last January’s Sundance Film Festival, becoming the first fan-owned company to ever acquire a film out of Sundance. The movie poster vote demonstrated Legion M’s dedication to tap the power of fandom to change the way entertainment is made and created in Hollywood.

Directed & Written by Alexandre O Philippe (78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene) the documentary features Veronica Cartwright (Alien, The Birds), Roger Christian (Alien, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope), Tom Skerritt (Alien, Top Gun), Ronald Shusett (Alien), Roger Corman (The Silence of the Lambs, Little Shop of Horrors).