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Sage Charmaine Keeps It Real In New Video For “Around”

LA-based pop artist Sage Charmaine is proud to release the official video for “Around“, a track off of her debut album Don’t Leave Me, out everywhere today!

“The song is about constantly feeling like you’re being looked down upon because you don’t have the same level of “clout” or huge “following” as others — which has nothing to do with experience or talent,” says Sage. Written with producer Nick Lee, Sage wrote “Around” from a really authentic and vulnerable place, because it was truly what she was feeling at the time. And because of that, we wanted to the video to be authentic and real, which is why it was shot documentary style, with real friends.

“I take a lot of my personal aesthetic from visual artists who are very colorful: like 90’s artist Lisa Frank, Oliver Hibert and Takashi Murakami — who use rainbows and bright colors in practically all their work,” explains Sage. “I wanted to use my real friends in the video because I wanted it to be super authentic. I didn’t see the need for “actors” when I have a whole group of friends who already cool as shit. I thought it would make the video even more fun to watch, realistic and relatable.”

More About Sage Charmaine:
Most young female singers of today get their start on YouTube playing acoustic covers of hits and idolizing figures like Marilyn Monroe — this is quite the opposite of up-and-coming singer/songstress Sage Charmaine, who instead pulls her musical inspiration from pop legends like Michael Jackson and emo-rock royalty groups like My Chemical Romance. This makes for the perfect combo of melodic pop music with equal parts honesty and edge, mixed with sophisticated lyrics on par with Taylor Swift overtop Beyonce beats.The 16 year old artist pens relatable sexy tunes teaming with wit, an IDGAFrick attitude, bubble gum sweet melodies and vocals dripping with all things feminine.

Where other artists rely on a fashion stylist or creative director to guide them — Sage chooses her own concepts and themes. Be it songs, lyrics, or hair colors — Sage knows exactly what she wants.

As her first foray in the entertainment industry, Sage starred in National TV commercials for Verizon, Honda, Famous Footwear and more, and has also appeared in multiple web series and even a virtual reality game. She also formerly appeared on Nickelodeon’s well-known show, “Victorious,” alongside Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande. From her acting ventures, Sage has taken her experiences and used them to guide her songwriting. She says, “Acting has helped me place myself in another person’s mindset, the more opposite from me the better. I’m interested in finding strength in all experiences and environments and from all people and walks of life.”

Sage Charmaine

Even with her acting success, Sage has always known she wanted to be primarily a musician, having learned to play guitar and piano as a child, and taking a liking to musicians like Johnny Cash at a young age. Sage formerly released songs dating back to when she was just eleven — but found herself in the process of fine-tuning her sound as an artist, growing into her present day sound: melodic dark pop with bubble gum trap beats. Sage is excited to share her music to empower others: “I feel like I’ll finally be able to showcase who I really am and what I’m all about.”

Her debut single for the project, “Cherries” which Sage dubs simply, “a song about kissing” was released in December 2017. The song was co-written with Myah Marie Langston (famously known as “Britney Spears’ actual singing voice”) and earned over 150K streams to date. The song premiered via Atwood Magazine and was featured on Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist and received support via Girl Gang Music, and HillyDilly. She has also been featured in Galore magazine several times, featuring her love of fashion and affinity for makeup and performed in 2018 at the Galore Halloween Party. Her second single, “Not Really” was released in early 2018 and received support from Popdust, Kick Kick Snare, Indietronica and LadyGUNN — who dubbed her the “New Teen Halsey.” The video for “Not Really” was premiered in Galore magazine, with a feature about Sage hiring a female production crew.

Her next single, “June” was released in tandem with a music video directed by former Britney Spears Creative Director and long-time dancer, Brian Friedman. Tessandra Chavez (So You Think You Can Dance?) choreographed a contemporary dance featuring teen dancers Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice (JLo’s “World of Dance”) — The video went viral and the song currently has over 200k spins on Spotify, and is growing daily.

Sage’s initial singles were produced by multi-platinum and double diamond producer PJ Bianco who has created hits for Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, LP, and popular synth-rock band who just completed a tour with mega act Panic! At The Disco, A R I Z O N A. After releasing a song featuring infamous female rapper cupcakke, and a remix of her first single, “Cherries” with Rocky Lynch (Of The Driver Era and formerly R5), Sage spent most of 2018 on the road playing cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix, DC, New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Reno and Sacramento alongside Alec Benjamin. She also started 2019 off with a Canadian tour with Bhad Bhabie, and a premiere of her first single from her forthcoming EP, “Ashes” (produced and co-written with Rocky Lynch) on Billboard magazine.