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Only Ten Days Left Before Corey Feldman’s ‘(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys’ Documentary Is Gone Forever!

Corey Feldman’s documentary detailing sexual abuse in Hollywood, (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys, caused the biggest Disruption of Service that On Stream Media has ever seen and hundreds of thousands of frustrated customers. Multiple individuals stole the film and illegally posted it for free. Although there was a record breaking number of sales, this caused Corey to lose a significant amount of money. The pain of telling his truth and having to relive the abuse that he and his best friend endured,, combined with people sabotaging him and threatening his life, caused Feldman and his wife to leave the country.

However, there has been one huge silver lining at the end of this exclusive digital streaming release. Feldman has broken his own record twice in one month, due to the overwhelming success of his new hit single “U R Free,” which is dedicated to Corey Haim. The song appears in The Billboard Adult Contemporary Indicator charts at number 17 with a bullet. Feldman originally made worldwide news when he released the single “Go 4 It” featuring Snoop Dogg in 2017 where he achieved his first Billboard Top 40 hit. The release of his long-awaited documentary (My) Truth the film’s closing title song has become his first top 20 Billboard hit. After three weeks it fell to number 21, but just soared up to 17. This has been welcomed news as Corey has been forced to shut down the streaming of his documentary after its final run, which ends on June 1st.

While Corey will always advocate for victims and work to change laws, he is ready to leave this chapter behind. He can only pray that one day he and his best friend will finally have justice and that both the media and law enforcement do their jobs and investigate those who have been accused.

Feldman states “I couldn’t be more thrilled to know people love this song, the film….I did this for LOVE. I did this for HOPE, and to leave the mark, that it doesn’t matter who cares, or who believes it God knows it!  While I’m incredibly honored to share the ranks of those artists I’m surrounded by on the charts, I’m juxtaposed emotionally between this dream of justice, which seems to have sadly ended in a nightmare. What matters most is that I’m right with the big guy upstairs.  I kept my promise, I released the film, if nobody sees it again, then I suppose that’s Gods will. I did my job, & I pray it helped somehow. “

There are no further release plans in place at this time. Catch the exclusive premier limited streaming VOD run of the film that people have been talking about for months before it’s gone.

(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys