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BACK TO THE BASEMENT: Iconic 80s Artists To Perform Virtual Concert On June 13th!

Manic Merch and Abducted by the 80s are pleased to announce the 80s event of the summer…Back to the Basement – a virtual concert in support and celebration of doctors, nurses, first responders and health-care workers who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight.

Do you remember when your parents made you watch MTV in the basement, so you didn’t drive them crazy? Back to the Basement is going to bring you back to those days – with an online concert event that features never-before-seen, at-home performances and guest appearances from 80s bands from the Golden Age of MTV, including A Flock Of Seagulls, Wang Chung, Naked Eyes, Animotion, Cutting Crew, Nu Shooz, Annabella from Bow Wow Wow, The Vapors, Tiffany, Downtown Julie Brown, Richard Blade, and more.

The show will premiere on Saturday, June 13th on Facebook Live.  There will be two screenings the first day with artists participating in the online chat room with fans.   After those screenings, the show will be available on YouTube.

“Back To The Basement is the perfect way to show our love and appreciation for front-line workers — all the courageous people out there who are working hard to keep us safe, well, and fed. We can’t wait to make a joyful noise for them — and you!” Valerie Day, Nu Shooz

Through the sale of limited edition event shirts, we are raising money for Direct Relief; a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with a stated mission to “improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergency situations by mobilizing and providing essential medical resources needed for their care.”  We are raising funds for their COVID-19 Relief program: Making sure the courage of health workers on the front lines is honored with meaningful support, and the people most at risk in this pandemic are cared for – regardless of politics, religion, or ability to pay.

We will also set up a link for people to make donations directly to Direct Relief.

Additionally, we will be selling limited edition merch from many of the artists appearing on the broadcast to help them – as they too have been adversely affected by the pandemic.  Some of the merch will be themed to the current crisis.

”We are pleased to be part of this event and to have the chance to make our Chungy type contribution towards those suffering the COVID-19 crisis around the world….and also in the process to help raise funds for the amazing and heroic first responders in this crisis, through Direct Relief.

We hope everyone keeps safe and by doing that helps to bring this difficult global chapter to as swift and best case resolution as possible. And it goes without saying we want everybody to be able to Wang Chung and have fun without limits again, as soon as possible!!! (although you can still Wang Chung in isolation too of course).

Keep safe and Wang Chung tonight!!! Love, Nick Feldman and Jack Hues xxx”

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