Mickey Avalon and Brandon McNamara
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Mickey Avalon and Landon McNamara Team Up For New EP & Single “Dodging Bullets”

Sometimes, the most unlikely pairings can create unexpected and beautiful art. Such is the case of the unlikely union of reggae artist Landon McNamara and debaucherous rock ‘n’ roll rapper Mickey Avalon. The duo have joined forces with the perfect amount of contrast and chemistry to create a brand new EP entitled “Highs & Lows”, set to surface on August 14th on Regime Music Group. Listen to “Dodging Bullets” below!

“Landon and I were originally introduced by PM Tenore from RVCA. Landon is from the North Shore of Oahu and I am from Los Angeles, but we both have common friends and life experiences,” comments Mickey Avalon about the unlikely pairing. “Landon and I instantly hit it off, and became friends, and it was cool because our genres of music are so drastically different. The inspiration was to bring two like-minded individuals with different styles of music together. It fits in with my catalog of work and really showcases a different side of me sonically.”

Mickey continues, “We felt like ‘Dodging Bullets’ was a logical choice for the first single because the world is in such chaos right now. Even though the song was written a while back, we’re talking about police brutality, so it’s extremely topical and almost seems prophetic given that is what the world is currently fighting over. We felt like this is a good message and we hope to bring even a few minutes of peace and happiness to people in a time that feels hopeless.

Landon McNamara’s sound is a soulful blend of reggae, rock n’ roll and blues, interpreted through his signature rasp and upbringing on the iconic North Shore of Oahu. His debut album, “A Dollar Short & A Minute Late” launched to #1 on the iTunes and Billboard Reggae Album charts, a rare feat for a newcomer on the scene. His second album,  “Still Kickin” followed suit, debuting at #1 and proving any remaining naysayers wrong. He hit the road soon after, supporting Island Empire labelmates Common Kings on a sold-out West Coast tour.

Rock ‘n’ roll rapper Mickey’s sordid tales of debauchery have turned him into Hollywood’s most notorious bad boy emcee. Mickey Avalon’s life story plays out like an episode of VH1?s “Behind The Music”, marred by personal tragedy, triumphs, and immense pain. After battling addiction and coming out on the other side, Mickey turned to music as an outlet to clean up his act and tell his own tales. Mickey’s raw and indulgent rhymes immediately resonated with fans and his explicit style spread across the internet like wildfire with songs like “Jane Fonda,” “Mr. Right” and “My Dick”. Mickey Avalon is gearing up for the release of his new album Speak of the Devil.