Harry Hains is Antiboy
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ANTIBOY: The Family of Harry Hains Unveils The Artist’s First Posthumous Single From Forthcoming Concept Album

The family of the late Harry Hains has released ‘Good Enough’, the Australian actor’s first posthumous single under his musical moniker of ANTIBOY. The song is the first track to be released from Hains’ forthcoming EP ‘A Glitch in Paradise’, which is slated for release later this year.

Through his forthcoming posthumous concept album, A Glitch In Paradise – an amalgamation of rock, electronica and gothic pop, Harry (as the robotic character ANTIBOY) imagines a world in which human and machine co-exist and eventually conjoin. In this robot utopia, there is no inequality, prejudice, or toxicity. But this is more than just imagining – Harry lived it through his own identity, which was gender fluid, shapeshifting and open to interpretation just like his music. The focus on artificial intelligence, of non-binary existence, negates gender and labels. Harry never used gender pronouns and would deliver his vocal performance in a way that almost mimicked robotic voices, maintaining a neutrality. ANTIBOY, who has not been assigned a gender, opens up a conversation about what the future of our species should and could be.

Hains is best known for his appearances on drama series such as American Horror Story and The OA.F ollowing heavily in the footsteps of his mother, actress and singer Jane Badler, he also starred in multiple films, including 2015’s ‘The Surface’ and ‘Groupies’ in 2018. He passed away in January of this year following a battle with addiction.