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ANTIBOY: The Family of Harry Hains Unveils Animated Video For “Good Enough” Single

The family of the late Harry Hains recently released the animated video for his first posthumous single “Good Enough” transporting viewers into the world of ANTIBOY, one free of societal constraints and labels. “Good Enough,” released under Harry’s artist name ANTIBOY, is the first track from his forthcoming concept album A Glitch in Paradise, due out later this year. Check out the video below.

A multi-dimensional and compelling musician, actor (most noted for American Horror Story and The OA,) artist, and model, Harry didn’t define himself by the constructs surrounding us, and his concept of ANTIBOY offers a portal into an age of existence where there is complete unparalleled freedom to live without preconceptions and societal labels. At a time when society is rising up to break down old systems and demanding equality for all (and on the heels of Pride), Harry’s extraordinary perspective, found at the intersection of our conversations on sexuality, gender, race and self-expression, endures because of its cultural relevance as society focuses on conversations and more importantly actions surrounding racial injustice, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, systemic oppression, and equality.

In a digital utopia where there is no inequality, prejudice, or toxicity, Harry (as the genderless transhuman being ANTIBOY) imagines a world in which the human mind and the bionic body merge. Harry lived this through his own identity, which was gender fluid, shapeshifting and open to interpretation just like his music. The focus on the merger of the human consciousness with artificial intelligence, of non-binary existence opens up a conversation about what the future of our species should and could be. PRESS HERE to watch the ANTIBOY trailer. An amalgamation of rock, electronica and gothic pop, A Glitch In Paradise explores the virtual world of ANTIBOY as he re-lives his mistakes in order to try to correct them and find happiness. But ANTIBOY experiences glitches and gets stuck in an endless loop of heartache, inspired by Harry’s relationship with then partner Mike. “Good Enough” is the first tase of this heartache – a song that questions being good enough for a partner.