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THE BATMAN: First Trailer For Matt Reeves’ Gritty New Take On DC’s Iconic Character Unleashed!

The first trailer for director Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ has arrived by way of DC’s FanDome event. Set to Nirvana’s “Underneath the Bridge,” the trailer introduces Robert Pattison as the legendary hero. Check out the trailer below!

The trailer focuses mainly on the presence of the Riddler (Paul Dano), who is leaving a series of deadly teasers for the Batman and Commissioner Gordon (Jeffery Wright). It also provides the first full look of Pattinson in the Batsuit and driving the legendary Batmobile. Along the way, viewers are also treated to a few quick glimpses Paul Dano’s Riddler and Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman.

In addition to Pattinson, the cast of The Batman features Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner James Gordon, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, and Paul Dano as The Riddler.

‘The Batman’ is currently slated for an October 1st, 2021 release.