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Jacob Asher Releases New Video For “Medusa”

New York-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Jacob Asher released his single “Medusa“, along with an accompanying video, out everywhere today. The track is a follow-up to “Joshua Tree” and Jacob Asher’s 4th release of the year. Jacob Asher is the solo, passion project of Ben Bailey, keyboard player of Rochester Indie-Rock band JOYWAVE.

The video was inspired by the idea that actual humans work inside traffic lights, manually changing them. The entire visual was filmed on iPhone during quarantine.

“The story within “Medusa” is about texting and driving, and subsequently dying. You become distracted while swiping through instagram, only to look up and meet your end. I have personally had a few close calls with this particular scenario, thus drawing inspiration from that fear.” – Jacob Asher

The music is as multidimensional as it is personal. With a relentless death-grip on pop sensibility, he effortlessly melds influences from modern hip hop to industrial hyper-pop; writing, self-producing and performing the lot. Despite his energetic and modern feel, Asher’s lyrical content manages to bring authenticity and relatability to an at times emotionally vapid pop landscape; inexplicably rousing a feeling of “something” and “nothing” all at once.

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