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Candlebox Releases New Song “Let Me Down Easy”

Legendary Alternative Rock Band Candlebox have released a brand new song entitled “Let Me Down Easy” via Pavement Entertainment. This is the first glimpse of new material since Candlebox’s 2016 critically acclaimed album, Disappearing in Airports, which delivered the chart-topping single “Vexatious” and found the band touring for over 2 years in support of the release.

Lead singer Kevin Martin reflects on the message of the song, saying, “We’re all sinners. Ain’t a saint amongst us, and you can only hope that when your time comes it’s not a struggle, that maybe you might be lucky enough to be forgiven for your sins and allowed into the gates of heaven because you are aware- that is.. if that’s what you believe in!”

The track was written by Peter Cornell (brother of the late Soundgarden and Audioslave singer/songwriter Chris Cornell) and Kevin Martin as a special collaboration between the two.

“Peter Cornell and I had been chatting about doing something together and he sent me the song. I really loved writing this one with Peter. He’s incredibly talented and has an innate ability to produce something that is easy to sing to…I really loved this process with him. I think it’s an amazing song. We put it together as a full band in pre-production pretty quickly because it was so well-structured, which in turn allowed/inspired me to write the lyrics.”

The track will be featured on Candlebox’s recently completed new full-length (and currently untitled) album. “The band’s priority right now is the health and safety of our families, friends and fans throughout the world,” Kevin said, “so we are postponing the release of the new album until 2021 when the band can tour to support it.”