Primo The Alien - "Thunder"
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Primo The Alien To Unleash “Thunder” Single On May 7th!

Austin-based synth-pop artist and producer, Primo the Alien, will release “Thunder,” the third and final single from her 2021 double EP, on May 7th. “Thunder” was written and produced by Primo the Alien with co-production from local producer, Taylor J. Webb.

“Thunder” is sensory and sensual in both its sonic landscape and lyrical content, taking the listener from the barren desert of a life without love into the eye of a thunderous and powerful storm. The single and its accompanying female-directed music video highlight Primo’s strength as a songwriter, producer, and performer as she dances with abandon to Thunder’s compelling chorus. Her unique production style, unparalleled vocals, and ear-worm melodies prove this girl-power extraterrestrial is a new threat in the pop music scene.

Primo the Alien’s previous single “Do It Again” was placed on two prominent Spotify editorial playlists (including the coveted “Fresh Finds” playlist), as well as landing a spot on over 600 other playlists in less than a month. With an average of 40k monthly listeners on Spotify, alone, Primo is one of Austin’s most popular pop artists. Primo the Alien was nominated as Best Electronic Artist by the Austin Chronicle, was awarded Best Female Artist of the 2020 Synthwave Awards, and has had music featured in the Austin Chronicle and on KUTX. Primo is also a two-time American Idol Golden Ticket recipient and was direct support for The Midnight during their Covid-19 relief livestream. As an independent female producer and powerhouse vocalist, Primo the Alien is quickly becoming a rising star, not only in Austin, but around the globe.

Primo the Alien is the alter-ego of Austin-based synthpop/retrowave artist and producer Laura Lee Bishop. Primo writes and produces each song, herself, with a unique blend of humor and drama that leaves listeners captivated. Her wild tales of epic showdowns, interplanetary tourism, and hyper-sensual scenarios are guaranteed to make you feel like you’re living in 1987… if 1987 was a dangerously sexy, post-apocalyptic wasteland complete with kick-ass parties, flying motorcycles, and lots of glitter. The wings of this retro rainbow Pegasus are Primo’s signature powerhouse vocals. Primo sings with urgency, from the gut, hitting notes so high you’ll wonder if she’s hiding a soprano sax in her throat. With eccentric bravado, compelling intensity, and colossal production style, Primo the Alien delivers the punch music fans of all genres have been oh-so-eagerly anticipating.

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Primo The Alien - "Thunder"