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LeBrock Releases “In Time” Single From Highly Anticipated ‘Fuse’ Album

UK synth rock duo LeBrock has released their new single “In Time” along with a pre-order for their forthcoming album Fuse, out June 18th via FiXT Neon. The new single is meant to serve as a beacon of hope as the world attempts to heal.

“We are on the steps of a new horizon and we all need some messages of hope and courage to keep us going,” the duo explains. “‘In Time’ delivers all of this with its driving anthemic chorus and ultra positive lyrics.”

On Monday, the band launched the pre-order exclusively on Bandcamp for four days and immediately became the #1 best selling album on the platform.

LeBrock takes listeners through an ’80s-inspired journey of larger-than-life stadium rock from the modern era. The duo have cultivated a die-hard fanbase through their gripping music, a slew of European tours, weekly virtual DJ sets during the pandemic lockdown, and a series of videos and merch drops. If the iconic 1986 film Top Gun could be emulated in an overall sound, LeBrock have successfully done it. Members Michael and Shaun have established themselves as some of the most uniquely compelling artists within the world of retro music, and the results speak for themselves.

The retro rockers’ first EP Action and Romance is a synth-heavy fan favorite that has earned millions of Spotify streams to date. In addition, the “Call Me” single from the album was featured on NewRetroWave’s popular YouTube channel where it has gained over a quarter of a million views. LeBrock found success once again when they adopted a stronger rock sound with all vocal tracks in 2018’s Real Thing.

Pre-Order the upcoming album Fuse on Bandcamp HERE.


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