SUN - Photo by Bassem Ajaltouni
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Brutal Pop Artist SUN Shares New Single “Golden”

Franco-German brutal pop artist SUN shares her new single, “Golden,” today along with a music video, and announces her upcoming EP, Brutal Pop II, due out in Fall of 2021. The new release is the follow-up to her first EP, Brutal Pop, where SUN gave birth to her unique genre. Brutal Pop II pushes the boundaries even further, as SUN tastefully blends shades of pop, rock and metal in her relentless pursuit of powerful, beautiful music. SUN recorded the vocals and instruments on her own at home and multi-Grammy Award-winning engineer/producer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ziggy Marley) co-produced and mixed the EP. They worked together long-distance via Zoom.

The singer, songwriter, guitarist and actress wrote “Golden” in her small apartment, feeling lonely and depressed but anchoring herself to a moment that would happen daily. The sun would set and a gorgeous, warm orange light would come through the window and dazzle her on the daily. That moment of brightness inspired her to create a dream-like world where she could escape to when the reality of the world gets too harsh.

SUN says on the single, “I wrote “Golden” when my whole life was crumbling apart. The one I wanted to be there most was not on this earth anymore. I missed my dad so much! It felt like a part of myself had disappeared with him and I could never live without him. “Golden” was inspired by the beautiful evening sky in Paris. Its beautiful sight helped me to escape to a safe, imaginary place, to cope with his loss, with my loneliness, and with life in general. I’m so grateful for the beautiful evening sky in Paris.”

She adds, “By the way, my name SUN is an homage to my father. He doesn’t have any remembrance stone/place, that’s why SUN also stands for his fierce, loving and warm memory.”

She’s also added “SUN” into her acting name: “Karoline Rose SUN”, but keep it just as“SUN” when it comes to the music that she writes. With her upcoming movie Tom Medina” by Tony Gatlif coming out this Summer on the big screen and the EP coming out this Fall, 2021 is gearing up to be a breakout year for SUN.


SUN is a Franco-German singer, songwriter, guitarist and actress. Her first EP Brutal Pop stunned the press and the public with the new kind of sound she created: Pop songwriting with elements of Rock and Metal aka “Brutal Pop.”

SUN started out screaming and shredding in Death Metal bands on one side, belting and dancing in musicals on the other: she played Edith Piaf in France, South Korea, Japan and got recognized on The Voice France. Her unique vocal and acting skills recently led her to the big screen. Her first part is a leading role in a feature film in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2021, made by internationally awarded director Tony Gatlif. Her character is inspired by herself: she acts, sings her own songs and plays her sparkly Telecaster.

Through her social media, SUN caught people’s attention around the world. She collaborates with EDM producers as well as orchestras like the prestigious Geneva Camerata. She is also a leading role in two upcoming feature films. Her song I Killed My Man is a finalist of the 2020 International Songwriting Competition out of 26.000 submissions around the world. The winner is to be announced in May 2021.

Her second EP Brutal Pop II is mixed and co-produced by Andrew Scheps, and distributed through his label Tonequake Records.