Spray Allen - "Sabotage" single
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SPRAY ALLEN: “Supernatural Desert-Borne Peyote Rock” Supergroup Releases “Sabotage” Single

One of the most intriguing supergroups in recent memory, SPRAY ALLEN, has been hard at work brewing a little something special for music fans. The band, consisting of Eric Wilson (Sublime), Wade Youman (Unwritten Law), Daniel Lonner (Late Night Episode), and Eric Sherman (Late Night Episode), has released their new single “Sabotage” — Press here to indulge!

Eric says, “The song ‘Sabotage’ is a real toe-tapper. I had a lot of fun making up the bass line for this one…I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks for listening.”

The band recently released their debut track “Stay Clean” which received airplay on 91X along with SIRIUS XM’s Volume & Lithium. The single also garnered Video Of The Day by SPIN and a spot on Loudwire’s Weekly Wire playlist.

From the ashes of 2020’s chaos comes a new awareness of ourselves, and the birth of an unstoppable force that goes by the name Spray Allen; a band that could only be described as supernatural desert-borne peyote rock. This four-piece musical powerhouse are charging straight out of the gates with a debut self-titled double album, showing the world that they mean business in the biggest way possible. The album was recorded and mixed at Sonic Ranch in Texas, with a legendary production team made up of Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) and Stu Brooks (Dub Trio), and a little help with keys and horns from the one and only Gabrial McNair (No Doubt). Together they have delivered a monstrous 26 song behemoth destined to raise the consciousness of both the old weary traveler and the hybrid youth of today. In a nutshell, this band is part supergroup, part modern day Heaven’s Gate Cult, minus the human sacrifice and group suicide, although “Human sacrifice isn’t off the cards completely” says Youman, “we just haven’t found it to be necessary… yet. For now, all we need is love, wine, and each other.”

Spray Allen