BORN 2 BE RAD: An Unboxing of Mondo’s Epic ‘Cobra Kai – Original Soundtrack’ 3XLP Release!

If there is a more dedicated ‘Karate Kid’ fan than Garett Sawaia of Born 2 Be Rad, we’ve yet to encounter them. In fact, the teachings of Cobra Kai are so deeply engrained in him that he cites Johnny Lawrence is his spirit animal. This week, Garrett takes a deep dive into Mondo’s long-awaited ‘Cobra Kai’ 3XLP Soundtrack in a brand new unboxing video. Check out the unboxing below.

Here’s the official breakdown on the ‘Cobra Kai’ 3XLP Soundtrack release: Mondo and Madison Gate Records are proud to present the premiere vinyl release of Leo Birenberg and Zach Robinson’s incredible score to the Netflix streaming phenomenon COBRA KAI. The 3 disc vinyl set features music from the first 3 seasons of the hit series, curated by the composers into themed collections of music: Disc 1: COBRA KAI – a mix of music scoring the most badass dojo in the Valley, Disc 2: MIYAGI-DO – selections from the music scoring the LaRusso family and its ties to the Miyagi legacy, and last but not least Disc 3: FINAL FIGHTS – the music from all three of the explosive season finale episodes. All of the music has been hand-selected, and in some cases expanded from its original form, for the most definitive COBRA KAI listening experience available

The Mondo Exclusive version comes with a Bonus cassette.

‘Cobra Kai’ 3XLP Soundtrack is available now from Mondo! – Click Here!

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