Adi Shankar's 'The Guardians of Justice'
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Adi Shankar Announces His Most Ambitious Project To Date! — ‘The Guardians of Justice’ To Debut In Cannes

For well over a decade, producer Adi Shankar has been blazing his own trail in the entertainment industry. The early entires in his now iconic “Bootleg Universe” would lay the groundwork for the modern superhero films that have become box office behemoths. From “Dirty Laundry” to “Truth in Journalism” to “Power/Rangers” to “Castlevania” and beyond, Shankar and his team continue to up the creative ante with each endeavor. His latest project, The Guardians of Justice, is no exception to the rule. In fact, it is every bit as groundbreaking as its predecessors, if not even more so. This time around, Shankar has his sights once again set on the superhero genre but as a satire with some major twists! This captivating new series delivers a mind-bending mix of live-action with traditional animation, claymation, cut out paper animation, and 8-bit video game footage centered around an eclectic group of superheroes in “a kaleidoscope of pop art insanity.”

Synopsis: The alien superhero MARVELOUS MAN has kept the earth at peace for 40 years. But when a devastating secret and its tragic consequences throws our world into chaos, it’s up to Marvelous Man’s bitter, violent lieutenant KNIGHT HAWK and idealistic do-gooder THE SPEED to stop nuclear war.

The cast for ‘The Guardians of Justice’ is as eclectic as they come featuring performances by Diamond Dallas Page, Sharni Vison, RJ Mitte, Christopher Judge, Jane Seymour, Denise Richards, Hal Ozsan, Derek Mears, and Andy Milonakis.

BELIEVE THE HYPE: Over six and a half years in the making, Adi Shankar’s ‘The Guardians of Justice’ is like nothing you’ve ever seen. At its core, one might say that the DNA of this ambitious new series is closer to that of a theme park thrill ride than any traditional television/streaming series you may have consumed. Rest assured that this project packs a wallop and is destined to become a cult classic for the modern age. — Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon

‘The Guardians of Justice’ is currently slated to debut at the Cannes International Series Festival ( in October before making the leap to Netflix.

Check out Adi Shankar’s in a social media post announcing the project below: