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FREDDIE GIBBS Releases Introspective Music Video For “Rabbit Vision”

Grammy-nominated Gary Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs uncovers the music video for “Rabbit Vision.” Watch HERE. The song remains a standout from his unanimously acclaimed 2022 album, $oul $old $eparately, available now via ESGN/Warner Records. Listen HERE.

The gritty clip collates real-life footage of Gibbs shot over the past few years. It follows him as he records in a hotel room, rapping intently, picking up a guitar, and exhaling smoke. It alternates moments in the club with vignettes of him dunking on the court, narrowly missing a putt at the 18th hole, and celebrating his sustained success surrounded by friends. It might just be his most intimate visual yet, pairing perfectly with the introspective track. The soulful guitar-laced sample seamlessly matches pensive bars as he confesses, “I’m taking chances with my life. I’d rather bleed than be broke, and that’s a fucked up mentality, but it stayed with me.” He goes on to repeat, “A lot of shit, it broke my heart, but it fixed my vision.”


He sees as clearly as ever from his Rabbits eye view in 2023…

Next up, Gibbs will take the stage at NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on January 23 for a very special performance of “Feel No Pain.” Uniting different eras and styles, he will be joined by collaborator Anderson .Paak as well as the show’s legendary “house band” The Roots. Be sure to tune in!

He never stops making headlines though. Last month, The New York Times named him one of “The 10 Best Actors of the Year” for his showstopping turn as Money Merc. The feature proclaimed, “Freddie Gibbs is a master builder.” The New York Times critics also said “2023 Oscar Nominees Should Be” Freddie Gibbs for his performance in Down With The King.

Everything just sets the stage for more to come from Gibbs.

$oul $old $eparately arrived as the most universally applauded hip-hop album of 2022. Rolling Stone proclaimed, “$oul $old $eparately is the culmination of a long journey that brings to mind a boxing legend,” going as far as to assert, “Every step Freddie Gibbs takes is historic.” PAPER attested, “Across the album’s 15 tracks, Gibbs explores every inch of his futuristic space casino as he stomps over a wide collection of beats ranging from Madlib to James Blake, DJ Paul to Kaytranada,” and Variety declared, “$oul $old $eparately is the pinnacle of Gibbs’ rap career.” and The FADER named it one of “The 15 Projects You Should Stream Right Now.”

$oul $old $eparately marks 15+ years of an illustrious career and a reputation for ruthless honesty, and deeply personal writing have built Gibbs an extensive rolodex. His collaborators include the two producers with whom he’s become most closely associated: Madlib, who helmed 2014’s Pinata and 2019’s Bandana, and Alchemist, who teamed with Gibbs for 2020’s Alfredo, which earned the pair a GRAMMY® nomination for Best Rap Album. Kaytranada, Jake One, Boi-1da, Justice League, and DJ Dahi also make contributions behind the boards, while Scarface, Anderson .Paak and Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul produce and contribute vocals. Beyond the musicians are celebrities like Kevin Durant, Joe Rogan, and Jeff Ross, who pay tribute to Gibbs’ grind or rib him for his vices.

Gibbs joined Warner Records shortly after releasing his collaborative album with Alchemist. In addition to his continued musical dominance, Gibbs shows huge promise as an actor, starring in Diego Ongaro’s award-winning film Down with the King, and appearing on TV shows like 50 Cent’s Power Book IV: Force and Peacock’s Bust Down. His on-screen work has already received critical praise, suggesting he will be a potent dual threat for years to come.


For an artist who raps so vividly about the toll that time and regret can take on a person, Freddie Gibbs is remarkably refreshed. Despite his nearly two decades in the game—over which he’s racked up the adoration of critics, unwavering respect from his peer, and a Grammy nomination—Gibbs is just now making his debut as a major-label solo artist. The project takes a firm stance on what the powers that be can and cannot take from him: $oul $old $eparately. As a whole, it weaves heartache and celebration, agitation and gratitude in a way that would be surprising for many artists, but feels inevitable in the rapper’s deft hands. As far back as 2009, when he shocked the rap world with his pair of breakthrough mixtapes, the gravel-voiced MC has been committed to rendering reality on wax. Given the unmissable charisma Gibbs has manifested for his entire career—and the acuity of the stories he tells in his music—it should be unsurprising that the rapper has also revealed himself as a force in the worlds of acting and film production. After making his debut at the Cannes Film Festival with the film Down with the King, which Gibbs produced and starred in, he says he’s angling to bring new, unexpected stories to the screen. Now, he’s keeping perspective on his life and career by centering what matters most: family. It makes perfect sense, too, that his greatest artistic statement yet is about holding tight to the things he holds dearest, which no one can strip away from him.

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