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“Shepard Fairey: Buildings and Blocks” Exhibit Launches This February At American Fine Art, Inc.

Shepard Fairey: Buildings and Blocks is American Fine Art’s exciting exhibit opening to the public February 2nd, 2023. The exhibit highlights the works of internationally renowned street artist Shepard Fairey with his decades of graffiti, street art, and murals.

Shepard Fairey attended the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration in 1992. By graduation, Fairey had already made a name for himself by designing the infamous Andre the Giant OBEY sticker. From there, he continued to influence and be influenced by the burgeoning skateboard and street art communities. These influences can still be felt in Shepard Fairey’s work today.

 “I think that art has the ability to capture people’s imaginations and make them think that more is possible.”  – Shepard Fairey

Fairey has become one of the most influential street artists working today and has been dubbed “A Giant in this generation’s street art.” He was the subject of James Moll’s film Obey Giant, has appeared in Banksy’s film Exit Through the Gift Shop and took on a guest role in the Simpsons episode Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart. In 2019 a retrospective of Fairey’s work, Facing the Giant: 3 Decades of Dissent, opened in the Los Angeles’ Arts District. He has influenced a new generation of Public and Street Artists.

Being controversial makes him a hero and an easy target. Anarchists and the masses support the defiant attitude and serve as a large part of the poster success that Fairey has enjoyed. His murals speak for themselves they are extraordinary and make the statement of a true stencil and graffiti artist, bold, loud, and free for the world to see.

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