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HARD MTN DEW Cranks Up The Intensity With New ‘Livewire’ Citrus Flavor

HARD MTN DEW FANS, REJOICE! One year after the highly anticipated launch of HARD MTN DEW®, the brand today announced the release of HARD MTN DEW Livewire®, the first-ever addition to the flavor lineup. HARD MTN DEW Livewire is an electrifying new twist on the classic, fan-favorite soft drink with a jolt of orange citrus refreshment, 5% ABV, no caffeine, no added sugars and 100 calories per serving. To celebrate the launch, HARD MTN DEW is once again shocking the world by hosting a “Definitely Over 21” launch party at a retirement community in Florida — the retirement capital of the world.

The “Definitely Over 21” launch party will prove that just because you’ve surpassed the legal drinking age doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun. Hosted in the Orange State, the party is “exclusively” for residents 55+ as well as ONE member of HARD MTN DEW Nation who dreams of spending spring break at one of America’s most notorious party destinations.

To say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to the new king of citrus, the “Definitely Over 21” party will be a spring break bash as electric as the flavor itself. Beginning Wednesday, March 1, fans can enter for the chance to celebrate the introduction of HARD MTN DEW Livewire with a mature spring break unlike any other. Visit DefinitelyOver21.com and tell us how you’d spend your spring break at a retirement community with HARD MTN DEW, open now through March 10.

The winning submission will receive a trip to the “Definitely Over 21” party in Florida for themselves and a guest, including roundtrip airfare, two nights lodging, transportation and a $1,000 spending allowance. Contest entrants must be twenty-one years of age and be a U.S. resident. Full rules and regulations can be found here.

“Since the launch of HARD MTN DEW, we’ve pushed boundaries and challenged convention, even going so far as to marry a fan to show our love and commitment to HARD DEW Nation,” said Erica Taylor, Senior Brand Director for HARD MTN DEW, The Boston Beer Company. “To launch new HARD MTN DEW Livewire, we’re inviting fans to celebrate spring break with us in the least conventional way possible. In the one place synonymous with both oranges and everyone being definitely over 21, we’re ready to party like only HARD DEW can.”

HARD MTN DEW Livewire is now available in 24-ounce cans where HARD MTN DEW is sold. HARD MTN DEW is currently available for purchase in Florida, Iowa, Tennessee, Arkansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Las Vegas and Virginia – with more to come! Visit HardMountainDew.com for additional information and product details. Follow @HardMountainDew on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for real-time product news and updates.

Bold, delicious flavor with the added bite of 5% ABV, HARD MTN DEW brings the big citrus flavor fans of the soft drink know and love, now with the hard kick of alcohol. Available in five flavors, including HARD MTN DEW®, HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast®, Black Cherry, Watermelon and HARD MTN DEW Livewire®, HARD MTN DEW offers zero caffeine, no added sugar, 100 calories and a whole lot of flavor.

For more information, please visit hardmountaindew.com