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‘Double Dragon Advance’ and ‘Super Double Dragon’ To Release On Modern Consoles This November!

The long-awaited Double Dragon Advance and Super Double Dragon are making a double comeback this year! After 20 years, Arc System Works America, Inc. has announced the first official ports will be making their way to modern consoles on November 9, 2023. The classic beat-em-up action games will be digitally released in North America for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation 4®, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam® at $9.99 (each sold separately).

For over three decades, both games have been hailed as the epitome of action games. Originally published on Game Boy Advance and now making its way to modern consoles, Double Dragon Advance is a remake/expansion of the 1987 arcade game Double Dragon that incorporates elements from its sequels and home versions. Players take the roles of protagonists Billy Lee and his brother Jimmy as they must master their martial arts skills in the fight against the Black Shadow Warriors to save BIlly’s girlfriend and martial arts student, Marian.

Super Double Dragon was originally released for Super Nintendo as the fourth installment in the series. Players on modern consoles will see Billy Lee and Jimmy return in a wild new adventure that takes players through city streets, jungles, and temples in the quest to once again save Marian (now a policewoman), who has been kidnapped while investigating the criminal group known as the Black Shadow Warriors.

For more information on Super Double Dragon and Double Dragon Advance, please visit the Arc System Works website!