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Billy Bob Thornton & Tausha’s Join Forces For New Song “As I Ever Was” Addressing Mental Health

Earlier this year Billy Bob Thornton generously opened up his Pepper Tree Hill Studio so he and his Boxmasters bandmate J.D. Andrew could produce, engineer, and play on Future Youth Records artist Tausha’s song “As I Ever Was.”

The song, which drops October 10 in recognition of World Mental Health Day, confides Tausha’s own personal struggle with anxiety and depression and appealed to Thornton because those are issues he shares.

“I was raised in a family and had friends who had different emotional and mental issues and I’ve had them myself, so I understand,” he admits. “And when I was young there were no programs and no one talked about it. I grew up with a severe anxiety disorder, which I still have. And when I say severe, I mean I lived several years where I had panic attacks every morning and mean really bad panic attacks where you think you’re dying every time you have one.”

Billy Bob Thornton, Tausha, and J.D. Andrew.
Billy Bob Thornton, Tausha, and J.D. Andrew.

Founded in 2012 by drummer Jason Wall, Future Youth Records is the only nonprofit record label that helps youth distribute music promoting social justice. They do this free of charge and the artists keep the rights to their music.

Ontario-based Tausha began working with FYR in 2020 after winning their Think Peace songwriting competition and realized her true calling was to write songs that could make a difference.

“I think depression is something people can be uncomfortable to speak about and they have difficulty talking about their deep feelings,” Tausha says. “I think songs can create a conversation. During a crisis, music can be one of the only things that reaches you.”

Thornton who grew up as a musician and “accidentally” became an Academy Award winning actor, agrees: “Anytime you can use the art you’re in, I’m for it. I think it’s a worthwhile cause to put things out in an artistic way for people to listen to because sometimes when you preach to people, they don’t listen, but sometimes if you do it in the form of a song or a novel, you can sneak in the back door.”

Seeing how “As I Ever Was” resonated for Thornton encourages Tausha that her song will have relevance for many listeners who struggle, often in silence.

About Tausha:
Tausha is a 26-year-old alt-pop singer, songwriter, and producer from Kitchener, Ontario. Her music is filled with buzzy synths, piano melodies and hypnotic bass lines. She began working with Future Youth Records in 2020 after winning their Think Peace songwriting competition and has since continued working with them on a variety of projects such as Think Women, which saw the release of her original song “Woman” and the upcoming Think Earth. You can usually find her in her home studio working away on her next song, or out grabbing food with friends. As well as her solo career, she sings jazz classics with The Frank Adriano Quartet at premier venues and festivals across Southern Ontario.

About Billy Bob Thornton:
Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters is guitar player/producer J.D. Andrew and drummer/singer/songwriter Billy Bob Thornton who grew up as a musician and accidentally became an Academy Award winning actor. The Boxmasters have made over 15 albums since 2007 in between Thornton’s “day job.” Recently he and the Boxmasters returned from a tour of the states and their first European tour. Thornton generously opened his Pepper Tree Hill Studio to Future Youth Records’ artist Tausha where Andrew engineered and played guitar and Thornton produced and played drums on Tausha’s “As I Ever Was.”

About Future Youth Records:
Future Youth Records was established as a nonprofit record label in 2012 by Jason Wall to help youth use the power of music to advocate for change and make a positive social impact. FYR covers 100% of the production costs, and youth retain all rights to their music.