Conor McGregor's Forged Irish Stout: Now Available in the USA
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CONOR MCGREGOR’s Forged Irish Stout Now Available in the USA!

Conor McGregor, known as one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, introduces his latest venture, Forged Irish Stout, to the United States. Crafted with precision and McGregor’s signature commitment to quality and excellence, Forged is launching in the United States and promises an unparalleled drinking experience for beer enthusiasts and stout lovers as the world’s creamiest Irish Stout.

McGregor has forged a groundbreaking path inside and outside of the ring as an athlete and entrepreneur. After purchasing his now award-winning pub in 2020, The Black Forge Inn, McGregor began to develop a unique beer offering that featured a custom stout developed in partnership with a local Irish brewery. McGregor and his team tirelessly honed the recipe to exceed even the highest expectations, refining the recipe 9 times over a 12-month period to land on the perfect formulation: a smooth, sessionable dry Irish stout.

The beer’s overwhelming positive feedback in the Black Forge Inn inspired McGregor and his team to expand the project; McGregor purchased the Dublin brewery in preparation to scale the company internationally. The team has now produced 1 million cans of Forged Irish Stout since launching in Ireland and the UK just over 8 weeks ago, proving the power of a beer crafted in a pub, not a boardroom. “I am excited to launch Forged Irish Stout in New York and the rest of the USA over the coming weeks,” says owner Conor McGregor. “It’s time the world got to experience a true Irish stout that is 100% Irish compared to the competition. My team and I have worked extremely hard to produce the world’s creamiest stout here in my brewery in Dublin, Ireland and it is breaking all records in Ireland and the UK. Now it’s time to take over the USA.”

Conor McGregor's Forged Irish Stout: Now Available in the USA
Conor McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout: Now Available in the USA!

Forged Irish Stout is made from 100% Irish ingredients and is produced in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, where rich brewing heritage meets modern innovation. Forged stands apart from the competition with its groundbreaking nitro can technology, featuring widget technology that creates its signature silky mouthfeel. This dark-roasted nitro stout is the result of a meticulous blend of malt, barley, and wheat, delivering a rich roasted aroma with notes of coffee and hints of milk chocolate and offering an unparalleled level of depth and complexity without being bitter.

In addition to crafting extraordinary beer, McGregor and the Forged Irish Stout team have been unwavering supporters of the fighter community. They have sponsored fighters such as Katie Taylor, Anthony Joshua, Chris Eubank, Maisey Rose and “King” Callum Walsh, supporting those who share McGregor’s passion for combat sports. Forged Irish Stout is not just a beverage; it’s a symbol of the fighter’s spirit, an embodiment of determination, and an ode to those who strive for greatness and seek to create a legacy.

The brand plans to expand across the United States over 2023 and 2024, in addition to launches in Canada and Australia. Forged Irish Stout will be available in select locations throughout the Northeast in October. Conor McGregor has conquered the world of combat; now he’s conquering the world of brewing. One thing for sure is that Forged Irish Stout is not here to take part… it’s here to take over.

Conor McGregor's Forged Irish Stout: Now Available in the USA