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Hip Hop Icon DMX Lives On With A New Hard-Hitting Holiday Track!

From the vaults of Grammy-winning, multi-platinum hip hop icon DMX comes a brand new, never-before-heard track, a hard-hitting street-wise version of the holiday classic “Silent Night!”

Meticulously produced by Jürgen Engler, the genius behind German industrial band Die Krupps as well as albums by Ann-Margret, David Hasselhoff, and William Shatner, “Silent Night” is a meeting of musical titans you never saw coming.

It’s also a result of old school artistry meeting new technology, a futuristic sound that is crafted and perfected with the aid of cutting-edge AI software and the archive of vocal sessions DMX recorded for Cleopatra Records over the last decade and a half prior to his passing. Dropping just in time for Christmas, this single is the perfect festive gift to every hip hop fan and music lover out there. Don’t miss out on this powerful tribute to DMX’s unmatched talent. This track is not just a song, it’s a legacy. Get ready to be blown away.

This is DMX. This is HISTORY.

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