Steven Adler and Vince Neil
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Like Heavy Metal Poetry Steven Adler Declares, “Let the Spectacle Begin!” Announcing November 30th Concert with Vince Neil in California!

Taking a break from his work with Mötley Crüe to connect with fans and share the stage with another legend, Vince Neil is scheduled to bring his solo show to Quechan Casino Resort on November 30, 2023. Who else is on the bill? Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses fame!

When Steven Adler and Guns N’ Roses emerged from the Sunset Strip with Appetite for Destruction, they soon became known as the World’s Most Dangerous Band. Not far behind them in terms of reputation were a riotous group of glam rock ruffians known as Mötley Crüe – fronted by Vince Neil.

Adler’s solo show has been destroying attendance forecasts at festivals and concerts throughout the summer and into the fall. The Appetite for Destruction experience that Adler and his band of heavy metal heavyweights blast out on stage is so addictively powerful, it has inspired devoted fans to travel from show to show.

Adler is known for his appreciation for the fans of his music and has coined these loyal supporters The Steven Adler Army. It serves as recognition of how important fans are to Adler and also as a tribute to the KISS Army that was a fixture of the 1970s when he was growing up and developing his own musical tastes and style. The KISS albums Alive! and Alive II were influential on Adler and remain two of his favorites.

“You don’t have to fill out an application to be in The Steven Adler Army. Just come to the shows and we’ll make sure you have the time of your life,” says Adler with the fun-loving spirit that has endeared him to music and pop culture fans around the world.

Vince Neil and Mötley Crüe continue to sell out stadiums around the globe. They have sold over 100 million albums worldwide and are responsible for such hits as “Kickstart My Heart”, “Home Sweet Home”, “Shout at the Devil”, and “Dr. Feelgood”. One of the main reasons for that success is the signature vocal style of their charismatic singer.

There’s no argument that the Crüe and GNR are two of the true mega powers in the world of rock n’ roll, so it is a rare treat for individual legends like Steven Adler and Vince Neil to bring their solo shows together for an epic night of heavy metal.

“Steven Adler and Vince Neil in one night is going to be a staggering heavy metal concert of mammoth proportions,” says Ari Kamin, the dynamic lead singer for Adler’s solo band.

Adler’s solo band also features Michael Thomas, Alistair James, and Cristian Sturba. Together they have perfected the sounds of rebellion and decadence that pulsed out of the Sunset Strip when Appetite for Destruction catapulted to dominate the Billboard charts.

Quechan Casino Resort is one of the most impressive gaming facilities in the Southwest, located in Winterhaven, California. It’s four hours from Los Angeles and four hours from Las Vegas – an ideal oasis of fun.

“It will be great to see old friends and I look forward to seeing lots of new faces too,” says Adler. “I’m personally inviting everyone to come out and experience the thrill of a one-of-a-kind night with me and Vince Neil. Let the spectacle begin!”

Those interested in booking tickets for the historic night can visit: For additional information call the Quechan Casino Resort at (877) 783-2426.

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