Masaaki Yuasa Five Films - Collectors Edition

‘Masaaki Yuasa: Five Films – Collector’s Edition’ Highlights The Work of a Modern Master! — Blu-ray Review

If you’ve been searching far and wide for some of the most captivating storytelling and animation you may ever encounter, GKIDS has the cure for what ails you! Masaaki Yuasa: Five Films – Collector’s Edition is a mesmerizing journey into the avant-garde brilliance of one of the art form’s most innovative minds — Masaaki Yuasa. Widely regarded as one of the most imaginative and influential filmmakers working in animation, Yuasa’s energetic style has continued to capture the imaginations of animation enthusiasts around the world.

Masaaki Yuasa Five Films - Collectors Edition

GKID’s collection showcases Yuasa’s distinctive style and narrative ingenuity across five masterpieces. From the mind-bending “Mind Game” to the whimsical “Lu Over the Wall” and the introspective “Night is Short, Walk on Girl,” each film showcases Yuasa’s ability to push the boundaries of storytelling and animation and serves as an absolute feast for animation enthusiasts and cinephiles alike. Most importantly, this curated collection showcases the boundless creativity that unfolds when a visionary director remains fearless when pushing their creative boundaries. The Blu-ray format allows Masaaki’s attention to detail to be truly appreciated and provides a much more immersive experience when it comes to his iconic animation style!

The packaging of this 6-disc release features dazzling art designed by Masaaki Yuasa himself! Also included is a stunning 13”x 21” poster featuring the new art and an exclusive 60-page book. This book is a true gem and sure to intrigue physical media consumers as it celebrates the artist’s work and features excerpts from the artist’s sketchbook to offer a glimpse of the creative process. Additionally, this new collection offers die-hard fans a host of never-before-seen bonus features. One of the most intriguing bonus features is “A Night Out with Yuasa.” This exclusive interview with Masaaki Yuasa at a Los Angeles speakeasy. Throughout the interview, he discusses his inspirations, favorite types of restaurants, perfect vacations, dancing, and more! It’s a unique way to see this incredible artist in a new light.

Masaaki Yuasa Five Films - Collectors Edition


What films are included you ask? — 2004’s Mind Game (Fantasia International Film Festival winner for Best Film, Best Director and Best Script), 2017’s The Night is Short Walk On, Girl (winner of the 41st Annual Japanese Academy Award’s Animation of the Year), 2017’s Lu Over The Wall (2017 Annecy winner for Best Feature), 2019’s Ride Your Wave (Fantasia International Film Festival winner for Best Animated Feature), and 2021’s INU-OH (2022 Golden Globe nominee for Best Animation).

Get a more in-depth breakdown of these amazing films below:

From the outset, audiences are introduced to the unconventional journey of Nishi, a timid individual who hesitates to rescue his childhood love from gangsters. His fate takes an unexpected turn when a soccer-playing psychopath shoots him, catapulting Nishi into the afterlife. In this liminal space, an ever-changing array of godly figures advises him to move towards the light. However, defying divine counsel, Nishi dashes in the opposite direction, returning to Earth profoundly transformed, now propelled to embrace every moment with newfound intensity.

Embarking on a night out, a group of teenagers becomes entangled in surreal escapades, while a sophomore known simply as “The Girl with Black Hair” remains oblivious to the romantic endeavors of Senpai. Despite Senpai’s elaborate schemes to win her heart, The Night is Short, Walk on Girl is an animated celebration of life’s unconventional and perplexing paths, boasting limitless imagination and visual wit. Crafted by one of anime’s dynamic voices, the film showcases the unpredictable routes that love and life can traverse.

Following a move from bustling Tokyo to a quaint fishing village, disenchanted teenager Kai finds solace in his classmates’ band. Unexpectedly, their jam sessions attract Lu, a young mermaid whose fins transform into feet upon hearing music, compelling humans to dance. As an ancient prophecy threatens Lu and the village, Kai and his newfound friends embark on a toe-tapping adventure to save the day, making Lu Over the Wall an enchanting experience suitable for the entire family.

Surf-loving college student Hinako’s life takes a tragic turn when a fire at her apartment building leads to her rescue by Minato, a dashing firefighter. The two fall deeply in love, but Minato’s untimely demise at sea shatters their idyllic connection. However, when Hinako discovers the ability to summon Minato by singing a special song, questions arise about the possibility of their enduring love and the mysterious circumstances surrounding Minato’s reappearance.

Born into a prestigious family and burdened by an ancient curse, Inu-oh finds himself marginalized in society. His path converges with the blind musician Tomona, a biwa priest haunted by his history, and together, they discover Inu-oh’s mesmerizing talent for dance. As their electric concerts draw crowds, inseparable friends face a threat from those in power. Inu-oh and Tomona must dance and sing to unravel the truth behind their extraordinary creative gifts, forming the captivating narrative of Inu-Oh’s unique journey.


• English-language dub of The Night is Short, Walk On Girl for the first time on Blu-ray

• Two short films by Masaaki Yuasa: Happy Machine (2007), and Kick-Heart (2013)

• Filmmaker commentaries for MIND GAME, Lu Over the Wall, and INU-OH
Scene breakdowns and commentaries from each feature film
Masaaki Yuasa draws characters from MIND GAME, Lu Over the Wall, and INU-OH

• Filmmaker interviews about Lu Over the Wall, The Night is Short, Walk On Girl, and INU-OH

• A Night Out with Yuasa: An exclusive interview with Masaaki Yuas

• A 60-page book featuring an essay by Emily Yoshida and excerpts from Masaaki Yuasa’s sketchbooks