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THE HAUNT Unleash Undeniably Infectious New Track “I Don’t Like The Quiet”

THE HAUNT are kicking of the New Year in grand fashion! Known for their infectious energy and authentic lyricism, the Florida alt-rock band’s new single “I Don’t Like The Quiet” explores the profound vulnerability that comes with the end of a relationship, while confronting the dread of solitude. Fronted by siblings Anastasia Grace Haunt [vocals] and Maxamillion “Max” Haunt [vocals, guitar, production], the track features soaring vocals over gripping instrumentals. Listen HERE and watch HERE.

“’I Don’t Like the Quiet’ is a song about not being sure if you’re in love, or if you just hate being alone. It’s about someone who has taken a ton of shit and is stuck in a relationship that no longer serves them, just because they’re scared of being alone. The end of the song kinda captures that hopeless feeling we all have when we know something that we’ve relied on for too long really starts to slip away,” reflects The Haunt.

The Haunt announces their upcoming EP, Do Not Resuscitate, out April 5th, that is sure to make an indelible mark on the alternative rock scene with its unapologetic and unrestrained attitude.  The release features “I Don’t Like The Quiet,” and previous releases “FML” and “Little Like Hell.” Stay up-to-date on forthcoming releases off the new EP by following the band on socials.

The Haunt - 'Do Not Resuscitate' EP
The Haunt – ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ EP

‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Tracklisting:

1. FML

2. Little Like Hell

3. I Don’t Like the Quiet

4. Damage

5. Morally Incompetent

6. On My Grave


The Haunt co-founders and siblings Anastasia Grace Haunt [vocals] and Maxamillion “Max” Haunt [guitar, production] creatively lean on their own quiet lifelong bond to make a loud musical statement.  They congregate around a boundless vision for what alternative  music can be, accented by electronic textures, cinematic drama and gothic spirit. Pushing one another to break down walls, the band elevate and enrapture fans on their 2024 Do Not Resuscitate EP [Nettwerk].

At 12-years-old, Anastasia started to play gigs while collaborating with her brother. Together, they launched The Haunt in 2018. They gained traction with the fan favorite “Cigarettes & Feelings,” and again in 2021 with “Love You Better off Social Intercourse EP. Along the way, they shared stages with Palaye Royale, The Hu, The Struts, Filter, and more. 2023’s Dead On Arrival EP received praise from Substream stating how “the band is coming into their own and creating a safe space for their fans with their powerful messages.” Throughout 2023, they carefully assembled what would become Do No Resuscitate. This time around, Max personally produced or co-produced each and every track, leaning into their rawer side.

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