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JULIAN CASABLANCAS & THE VOIDZ Release New Single “All The Same”

Julian Casablancas & The Voidz unveil their newest track, “All The Same” which is accompanied by a special documentary episode of Rebekah Sherman-Myntti’s “TOMORROW!” (produced by Simone Films) titled “NITE 4: DAY OF THE DEAD” which was filmed on the final night of the band’s four night run at Brooklyn’s Murmrr Theatre. Episodes of TOMORROW! give viewers a front-row seat to electrifying live performances and intimate interviews, capturing artists at particular moments in their lives and careers.

Julian Casablancas & The Voidz took over The Murmrr for a sold-out four-night run in late October last year. Watch here.

“All The Same” is also featured in the forthcoming film Drugstore June which will be released on February 23 in a theater near you. Drugstore June was directed by Nicholas Goossen and stars Miranda Cosgrove.

(If We Haven’t Lost You Yet) – A Note from Voidz HQ:

Once a month, amidst the grotesque grandeurs of of the empire, The Voidz, their entourage, and a select group of devotees convene in a spectacle that rivals the feasts of ancient kings. 

Wearing flowing gowns & togas, they drink the elixir of the vine, engage in lofty discourse spanning the realms of science, the body politic & human expression.

Recently the topic turned to the age old question – Does the sacred art known as “the album” still hold sway over the covetous gaze of the body electric? Does it stir the quills of old and capture the fleeting attention of the people? 

Or if one packs the press release of a single track (surrounded by enough other accouterments), does it elicit the same anticipation and excitement? 

A wager among the titans ensued, marked by the exchange of crypto, and now dear reader,  this is where you find yourself as part of the discourse….. what say you? 

The Voidz is comprised of Julian Casablancas, Jeff Kite, Jereamy “Beardo” Gritter, Amir Yagmai, Jake Bercovici, and Alex Carapetis. 

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Instagram | Youtube