Rick and Morty: The Complete Seventh Season
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‘Rick and Morty: The Complete Seventh Season’ — Blu-ray Review

The adventures of ‘Rick and Morty’ have been loved by many over the past decade. The show follows the inter-dimensional exploits of the sociopathic scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Mortimer “Morty” Smith. Starting as a cult favorite on Adult Swim, it has evolved into a global phenomenon and has won 2 Emmy Awards and received 5 Emmy nominations, including one for Outstanding Animation Program in 2023. Impressive, right? Now, as we thaw out from a long winter, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is easing the transition to warmer days with the release of‘ Rick and Morty: Season 7’ on Blu-ray, hitting shelves and online stores on March 12th.

If you’re a fan of the series, you might have been apprehensive about the seventh season due to the departure of Co-creator Justin Roiland. However, the show remains as vibrant as ever with fresh voices for Rick (Ian Cardoni) and Morty (Harry Belden), infusing the characters with new energy. This season provides a wealth of imaginative content with no shortage of heart, offering some closure on long-running threads such as the misadventures of Mr. Poopy Butthole and Rick Prime. Without giving away any spoilers, this 10-episode run is one of the strongest yet.

Rick and Morty Season 7 spaghetti

Our Favorite Episodes From Season 7:

“That’s Amorte” (Rick and Morty Season 7 – Episode 4) – In this episode, Morty stumbles upon the unsettling truth that Rick’s renowned spaghetti is crafted from the organs of individuals from a distant planet driven to suicide. YIKES! Despite the grim origins of the dish, Rick and Morty opt to exploit this peculiar biological phenomenon. Beyond its bizarre premise, the episode offers compelling social commentary and delivers fantastic humor, solidifying its status as one of the season’s standout episodes.

“Unmortricken” (Rick and Morty Season 7 – Episode 5) – This pivotal episode advances the overarching narrative, particularly the Rick Prime and Evil Morty storylines. Call me crazy, but it definitely tugged at the ol’ heartstrings!

“Fear No Mort.” (Rick and Morty Season 7 – Episode 10 – Season Finale) – The season finale is one of those episodes that stuck with me for a while! It’s a gripping storyline where Rick and Morty stumble upon a mysterious hole in a Denny’s that reveals the deepest fears of those who enter it. Trapped until they can escape, the duo engage in profound philosophical discourse, questioning their reality and existence within the confines of the hole. As the episode unfolds, it not only delves into the characters’ development but also delivers an intriguing sci-fi narrative.

Rick and Morty - Season 7

The Blu-ray release of ‘Rick and Morty: Season 7’ offers stellar picture quality and DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio, enhancing the at-home viewing experience. For collectors, the abundance of special features offers an exclusive peek behind the curtain at the talent behind the show. And for die-hard physical media enthusiasts, fear not—there’s a SteelBook Edition available to complete your collection.

Special Features Include:

• 10 Inside the Episodes (Featurettes) – Take a deeper look into each of the ten episodes from the season.

• Directing Unmortricken (Featurette) – Jacob Hair walks us through the challenges of making one of the most ambitious and action-packed episodes in the series history, centered on the climatic showdown between Rick and his arch-nemesis.

• The Characters of Season 7 – A wide-ranging look at how the character team crafted this season’s most impressive and challenging new designs. For example, how did the team create Jerricky, which consists of fusing two iconic characters together.

• Inside Season 7– A deep dive on S7’s biggest story shifts and reveals, plus an overall look at the making of the season from the perspective of various members of the crew.

• Optional English subtitles