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NFL Legend RICKY WILLIAMS Launches Psilo Sessions By Highsman

Highsman, the purpose-driven brand founded by former Dolphins running back and NFL legend, Ricky Williams, makes a momentous move into the psilocybin space with the launch of Psilo Sessions by Highsman, guided psychedelic journeys of self-discovery and perspective-altering moments. To kick off, Williams will be joining group and private sessions on May 2nd, and offering astrology readings. Psilo Sessions by Highsman launches this March and taking appointments at psilosesh.com.

Conceived and developed by Ricky Williams, the alternative therapy sessions are tailored to each individual patient and are led by a team of licensed facilitators, therapists and medical experts, passionate about the power of psychedelic medicine and holistic integration therapy. Sessions are available from 30 mins ($70) for 2.5 – 5mg up to an 8 hour session ($2,400) for 50 mg. There’s also a package option in which a patient can add on a remote astrology reading via video conference with the Highsman himself.

“I am immensely thankful for the opportunity to open our premier Psilo Sessions by Highsman location in Salem, Oregon, and to extend this enriching experience to the public,” says Ricky Williams, founder and president of Highsman.”Psilocybin therapy opened my mind to a new playbook of healing. Just as I navigated the field with agility, this natural medicine allowed me to traverse the landscape of my psyche with grace and resilience, unlocking pathways to inner peace and enlightenment.”

Located in Salem, Oregon, Psilo Sessions by Highsman is the largest facility of its kind in the state and  features six individual therapy rooms and one large group room. Custom lighting as well as complimentary art supplies, blankets, iPads and noise-canceling headphones are available for an experience that is both comfortable and transformative, safe and secure.

Williams’, a long-time advocate for cannabis and now psilocybin legalization, views the psilocybin as the new frontier in alternative treatments for PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma and addiction. Psilo Sessions presents a unique opportunity for consumers to experience the benefits of psychedelic therapy in a secure and monitored environment.

Once scrutinized by sports pundits and fans alike for using cannabis, Williams flipped the script with the launch of Highsman’s personally curated cannabis collection and now an exploration into psilocybin-based therapy. Williams’ new venture is emblematic of his vision to normalize and advocate for the responsible use of psychedelics just like cannabis. Ricky Williams and Highsman are at the forefront of this shift, championing a future where cannabis and psychedelics are recognized for their therapeutic benefits and are accessible to adults in a regulated, responsible manner.

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Highsman is the cannabis lifestyle brand created by Ricky Williams, entrepreneur, thought leader and one of the most electric NFL running backs of the century, to empower professional and everyday athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. Highsman offers premium quality cannabis and a collection of apparel and accessories designed to complement an elevated lifestyle on and off the field. For more information, please visit www.highsman.com

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