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Synthwave Pioneers GUNSHIP Unleash Anime Short-Film For “DooM Dance”

Synthwave pioneers Gunship, comprised of Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway, and Alex Gingell, have enlisted rock veteran Gavin Rossdale (Bush) and DarkSynth heavyweight Carpenter Brut for their captivating anime short-film video for “DooM Dance.” The video is the first of four new videos they plan to release this year from their latest album, Unicorn (2023).

Blending anime-style animation with laser-enhanced live action, Gunship continues their unwavering commitment to the music video as an integral part of their creative output. The “DooM Dance” video pays homage to hand-drawn 90s Japanese anime, following the story of two femme fatale protagonists (Miku and Maka) escaping the authorities while blending live-action footage of Gavin Rossdale, Carpenter Brut, and Gunship for an unforgettable anime experience.

Veteran voice actor Sean Barrett, renowned for his iconic roles in classic 80s/90s anime such as Dominion Tank Police, Cyber City Oedo 808, Lupin the 3rd, Star Fleet, and Roujin Z, provides the narration for the video.

In true retro style, Gunship have released the “DooM Dance” video on VHS tapes complete with 90s anime-styled packaging. Available for purchase HERE.

“DooM Dance” is inspired by the frenetic ‘dance’ gamers perform when vastly outnumbered and battling wave after wave of enemies in the now legendary video game DooM. Together with their collaborators, Gunship administer a shot of neon adrenaline to rock, metal, electronic, and gaming fans the world over!

Dan Haigh of Gunship says: “Both CyberCity Oedo and Dominion Tank Police were pivotal influences on me growing up. To finally get hold of these mythic VHS tapes in the 90s, in the UK, featuring animation all the way from Japan, was like finding the rarest treasure. I think my small town had literally one copy of Cyber City which was bootlegged to near disintegration. To discover in an instant that animation could convey dark and atmospheric adult stories but also be such an amazing medium for bringing cutting-edge and controversial science fiction concepts to life, opened a gateway to anime love that I’ve kept ever since. This golden era of hand-drawn anime included many greats – Cyber City, Ghost In The Shell, Akira, Wicked City, Appleseed, Patlabor, Goku Midnight Eye, etc – which in my opinion significantly influenced a generation of Western directors and artists in a fantastic way. Gunship would not be the way it is without these memorable and thought-provoking works of art.”

Gunship consists of Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway, and Alex Gingell. The band’s unique sound is crafted using vintage analog synthesizers and retro electronic gear from the 1980s. Driven and inspired by nostalgia for a bygone era, Gunship transforms this retro approach into something fresh and innovative. Their music is sonically diverse, blending sweeping fluorescent synth lines with fever-pitched, adrenalizing electric bass arpeggios.

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