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The Quarantined Set To Release “Unspoken” Single On October 8th!

LA-based rock band, The Quarantined will be releasing their latest single, “Unspoken” on October 8th across all digital media retail outlets. The grungy, nu-metal tinged tune is a poignant message about misinformation (especially as it relates to the media), and searching for the truth in a sea of “lies.” Lead singer, Sean Martin explains that “the truth can be a double edged sword that, depending on your position, can be your saving grace or your downfall.”

He goes on to talk about peace, and how important it is to have dialogue in order to discourage division. “Peace is difficult; peace is not inaction. Peace is achieved thru dialogue used to bring people together to solve problems collectively, and reasonability should be the goal for all involved. Then, peace has a chance.”

In these dark times, a song like “Unspoken” is meant as encouragement to speak out for “what is right; not just what is lawful, as in we never know when it could be your last chance to speak at all.” 

Martin, a multi-talented and well rounded musician covered all vocals, guitar, bass, mixing and mastering duties on “Unspoken,” and drums were played and recorded by Steven Neevs.

A US Army vet, Martin is an advocate for mental health awareness, and is closely working with organizations such as Free2Luv to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness. His band, The Quarantined have been profiled in Bass Musician Magazine, Hard Rock Haven, Teen Music Insider, and a variety of other notable music publications. The band are currently working on an in-depth documentary about their recording process.

Be on the lookout for “Unspoken” across most all digital media outlets on October 8th! 

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