'I Spit On Your Grave' 45th Anniversary
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Meir Zarchi’s Cult Classic ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ (aka Day of The Woman) Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary!

45 years ago today, a cult classic was born! Meir Zarchi’s cult classic revenge horror film, I Spit On Your Grave aka Day of the Woman, was released to theaters and left an undeniable impact on cinema. The film, tells the story of Jennifer Hills (Camille Keaton), a novelist who is left for dead after a brutal assault and exacts vengeance on her attackers. It’s one of the most debated and discussed films in cinema history, referenced daily around the world by film scholars to critics and is now part of the New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s permanent film archive collections. The film has spawned several films and a sequel, I Spit On Your Grave Deja Vu, which reunites Meir Zarchi with Camille Keaton and Jamie Bernadette who plays her daughter.

The film will also be honored with a book. I Spit On Your Grave Scriptbook from pop culture publisher, Printed In Blood and Fright-Rags licensed t-shirts. Meir Zarchi has stated in the book when asked back in 1978 the shelf life of the film, he replied, “Five years”. Meir Zarchi and Camille Keaton, both have remarked,  “Jennifer Hills legacy will outlive both of us”. The film’s enduring legacy is evident in several aspects, such as its powerful message, its realistic shooting style, its female interpretation, and its influence on other genres over the years. For example, recent films like Revenge and Promising Young Woman have drawn inspiration from it. It also shares a similar status with other iconic horror films, such as Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre after title change from Day of the Woman to I Spit On Your Grave with a new poster featuring a young Demi Moore holding a knife.

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