Crazy Lixx - Two Shots of Glory
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CRAZY LIXX Pay Tribute to ‘AIRHEADS’ Film With Unofficial Sound Track Video for “Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll (’23)”

Rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse CRAZY LIXX have unleashed the unofficial soundtrack video for “Ain’t No Rest in Rock N’ Roll (’23),” which was creatively crafted with clips from the cult 1994 movie ‘Airheads’ starring Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler. This video is part of the Unofficial Sound Tracks series initiated by Danny Rexon, CRAZY LIXX’s lead singer and producer. In this series, Rexon reimagines CRAZY LIXX’s music as the perfect soundtrack for 1980s and 1990s movies.

Upcoming compilation, “Two Shots At Glory” serves as a commemoration of CRAZY LIXX’s illustrious 20+ year career, featuring reimagined renditions of their iconic choruses, unforgettable hooks, and electrifying guitar solos, all while introducing some exciting new surprises. The album is due out February 16, 2024.

The compilation includes reimagined classics from the band’s catalogue “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”, “Lights Out!” and “Fire it up!” and all are accompanied by UST videos that draw inspiration from a wide range of films, from blockbuster hits of the 90s to lesser-known 80s B-movies. They’ve gained immense popularity with both new and longtime fans, amassing nearly 10 million views in the past year. Some of these videos have even gone viral and climbed the official YouTube rock music charts.

Consistently releasing one album after another, CRAZY LIXX, the Swedish hard rock sensation, has solidified its position as the forefront in the resurgence of ’80s hard rock in Scandinavia. With staggering views in the millions for well-loved videos such as “Wild Child” and “Hunter of the Heart” on YouTube, remarkable streaming figures for hit tracks like “Blame It On Love,” “Hell Raising Women,” and “XIII,” and the inclusion of “Wild Child” in the Nicolas Cage horror film Willy’s Wonderland, CRAZY LIXX is unwaveringly advancing in their quest for global dominance.

CRAZY LIXX has been on tour across Spain/Portugal last fall with additional dates planned in 2024 including the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024 departing out of Miami, Florida.

Crazy Lixx - Two Shots of Glory

‘Two Shot at Glory’ Track List:

1. Two Shots At Glory

2. Fire It Up (’23)

3. Invincible

4. Lights Out! (’23)

5. Sword And Stone

6. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (’23)

7. Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll (’23)

8. In The Night (’23)

9. Only The Dead Know (’23)

10. Sympathy (’23)

11. Church Of Rock (’23)