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ROME Releases Lee Fields Cover Song “Forever”

Days after announcing the final music and tour for ska alternative rock band Sublime with Rome , the group’s frontman Rome Ramirez, known as ROME for his solo work, releases a cover of Lee Fields’ 2022 soul song “Forever.” The new single is accompanied by a music video seen HERE.

 This single is just the introduction of what is to come from ROME. For the last 15 years, Ramirez has been touring and recording with Sublime with Rome honoring the legacy of Sublime. 2024 marks the final year of Sublime with Rome as they recently announced the release of their single “Love Is Dangerous” leading into their last album and The Farewell Tour. As he closes the Sublime with Rome chapter, ROME will continue to deliver to fans the same heart and soul with his new music.

ROME says, “This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest songs ever written. I am honored to have been granted permission by Lee Fields to record and release my version of it. When my wife and I first heard this song, we listened to it every single day while cooking or spending time in the backyard with our kids. We couldn’t get enough of it. I initially recorded a version as a gift for my wife for her birthday. Months later, she encouraged me to create a video for it and share it on my Instagram. Since then, the video has taken on a life of its own! It’s amazing what a great song can do for the world. I am honored to be releasing this rendition, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as my family and I do!”

When ROME first teased the song on his socials, the video amassed nearly 2M views on his Instagram and over 1k comments consisting of fans, both new and returning, begging for the song. A few weeks later, ROME premiered the music video on his YouTube, which currently sits at nearly 40k views and resulted in over 1k new subscribers within the first week.

As an acclaimed songwriter and producer, ROME has worked with the likes of Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars, Dirty Heads, and Jelly Roll.


About ROME:
As a kid growing up in Northern California, Rome Ramirez, known professionally as ROME, taught himself to play guitar in his family’s garage and soon began penning songs with a warm and potent honesty. By the time he’d reached his late teens, he’d moved to Los Angeles and quickly landed his dream job: serving as frontman for a revived iteration of iconic ska-punk act Sublime, his all-time favorite band.

Since co-founding Sublime with Rome in 2009, Ramirez has released three albums with the trio and toured with the likes of 311, The Offspring, Cypress Hill, and Incubus, all while continuing to craft his own deeply confessional songs.

As he gears up to share his solo work with the world, Ramirez hopes that his songs might leave listeners with the same joy and solace he finds in creating music. “Especially during lockdown, the feeling of connection I got from playing songs for people on live streams gave me a whole new sense of purpose,” he says. “With the music I’m putting out now, one of the main goals is to build a community of people who want to lift each other up and really celebrate the moment. Life’s been so good to me, so now I want to pay it forward and bring that energy to everybody else.”

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